Hot Wheels Unleashed since yesterday with the Cadillac Seville from Gucci

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Milestone announces that with the Cadillac Seville from Gucci, a free vehicle in 1:64 scale has been available since yesterday Hot Wheels Unleashed is available. A short trailer is also shown.

The replica of the vehicle is not only available in the game. The implementation of Hot Wheels is the result of the collaboration between Mattel Creations and Gucci. It perfectly captures the flair of the 1970s and is a testament to the innovative strength of the original car and its creators. The latest collaboration celebrates Gucci’s centenary. The limited diecast edition of the Cadillac sold out in no time car and fashion fans alike coveted it.

Hot Wheels Unleashed allows players to play with the cars in the same way as with the real small (PS) projectiles. The gameplay convinces with adrenalinecharged races and a huge selection of sparkling Hot Wheels vehicles, with different attributes and rarity levels, which players can additionally embellish with skins. The breathtaking routes are set up in the everyday environment and are equipped with special route sections and interactive objects. The revolutionary track editor is a very special feature that allows players to create their own unique and changeable routes and then share them with the community.

As the world’s bestselling toy, Hot Wheels is a global leader in car culture. For over fifty years, Hot Wheels has been proving its influence on the automotive world with iconic design and epic performance. Today, Hot Wheels is a global powerhouse franchise with live and virtual events on almost every continent, coveted consumer products and high profile collaborations, a top rated YouTube channel and much more. While 16.5 Hot Wheels are sold every second and more than eight billion cars have been sold to date, the brand continues to expand its digital gaming presence and is successful on the mobile, console and PC platforms.

Hot Wheels Unleashed was released on September 30 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Switch.

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