PlayStation Plus December 2021: New PS4 and PS5 Leaks Debunk PS Theory

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A new PlayStation Plus leak in December 2021 has reportedly revealed the three new games to be released by Sony next month.

The good news is that all three games can be claimed on PS4 and PS5 consoles, meaning owners of the latest generation of consoles won’t miss a single title.

However, if this new leak turns out to be correct, it means that another popular fan theory for what will happen next month has been debunked.

A new report from the Dealabs community claims that next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup will include Godfall Challenger Edition, Mortal Shell, and Lego DC Super-Villains.

The interesting thing about Godfall is that it first launched on PS5 in 2020 before being ported to PS4 consoles earlier this year.

An earlier post from the Godfall team explains: “Last year we launched Godfall alongside PS5 and continued to improve the experience based on your extremely helpful feedback.

“With additions like our massive Primal Update and quality of life updates, revamped input buffering, new tools through Zenun, improvements to boss battles, Tower of Trials upgrades, Dreamstones and more. The game has evolved beyond our wildest expectations and it’s all thanks to you.”

“With the Lightbringer Update, PS5 and PS4 players will now experience cross-generational co-op and be able to use our new matchmaking beta to tackle our most challenging endgame content.

“In addition, we are introducing a new game mode, unique cosmetics and even more loot.

“The Lightbringer Update also introduces a new item layer: Cursed Items. These weapons have devastating effects on the battlefield and will grant players a huge boon as they lift the curse on the item and awaken its full potential.

This means that not only will Godfall be available to play on both PS4 and PS5, in addition to an enhanced next-gen experience, gamers will also be able to enjoy cross-play together.

PS Plus December news (Image: SONY)

But while there will be many gamers looking forward to Godfall’s launch, some may be disappointed that a recent fan theory has turned out to be false.

Hell Let Loose and First Class Trouble arrived as free games via PS Plus on their launch day on PlayStation Store in October and November.

So fans looked at what was launching next month and focused on Heavenly Bodies and the possibility that this would be the next new game to hit PS Plus first.

Fans saw this title as a serious contender for inclusion based on its release date, which is set for December 7.

But from what’s been shared so far via this new leak, it doesn’t look like Heavenly Bodies will be part of the December lineup.

Sony almost always releases the new PlayStation Plus games on the first Tuesday of the month, in this case December 7.

The games will be revealed the Wednesday before, which means subscribers will have to wait until the afternoon of December 1 for the official game announcement.

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