This life-size Lucario helps you (not really) with washing dishes

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Life-sized Pokémon plushes are not uncommon. But they almost always go viral, partly because fans discover just how big this Pokémon actually is. This is of course no secret, everything is in the Pokédex.

But at least they study the dimensions and are then amazed at how big or small a Pokémon actually is in its original scale. Most recently, there was a life-size duck measuring 54 × 76 × 80 cm. Fortunately, when it comes to weight, they didn’t stick to reality. At almost 20 kg, Enton wouldn’t be so cuddly anymore.

There is also already a 180 cm long pasture ore. Just like a 150 cm long Phlegmon. If you thought a Phlegmon was a couch item, you probably need a bigger one. Just in time for the Christmas season, The Pokémon Company is now adding two more giant copies.

The life-size Lucario shows the Pokédex with 120 cm and the cuddly toy is just as big. For 46,200 yen, that is about 360 euros, Lucario can buy it in the pokemon center You can order until December 16. Delivery will not start until May 2022.

Lucario consists largely of polyester and polyurethane foam, yet weighs 4 kg. The tail and limbs have plastic parts so that Lucario can be mounted. The result are quite curious promotional photos.

Gengar caused a stir last time with his 170 cm long tongue and the latest Gegnar plush is also unique. A Gegnar bank sells merchants Cellutanes currently in Japan.

Unfortunately, it also does not deliver abroad. The Gengar bank can accommodate one person and costs 25,990 yen, about 200 euros. So 200 euros, which you can rather spend on other Christmas gifts.

The armchair is made of urethane and microbeads and siliconera know that this feels more like a beanbag. Incidentally, Cellutane also sells a number of other Pokémon couches, including those for Ditto and Relaxo. And that’s enough curious Pokémon plushes for today.

through Fanbyte, Images: The Pokémon Company

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