Sea of ​​Thieves Season 5 Update Patch Notes and Server Downtime News

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Sea of ​​Thieves gets new update on Xbox and PC (Image: MICROSOFT)

Fans of the pirate adventure game Sea of ​​Thieves are treated to a brand new season of content.

Sea of ​​Thieves Season 5 has a December 2 release date for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

The new season adds some exciting new features, including the ability to bury treasures like a real pirate.

Rare explains more: “Finally you can indulge in that classic element of the pirate fantasy: not just dig up treasure, bury your own treasure!

Almost any item can now be buried, creating a special map that leads back to your loot. Hide your most precious possessions, set traps for other pirates who manage to steal your Map Bundle, or even place a map on the new Quest Board for others find treasure hunters!

“You earn Fame when other crews find your buried artifacts – reward them with a glorious prize or send them on a wild goose chase?”

Firecrackers have also been added to the game, giving players the chance to signal help or get things started with a bang.

Needless to say, a new season means new rewards, which can be unlocked by completing Trials and earning Fame.

Now that the server’s downtime has finally come to an end, fans can download the Season 5 update. See the patch notes below for more information.

Sea of ​​Thieves Season 5 Update Patch Notes…


• On a dinghy, objects that have fallen from the harpoon when the harpoon is tilted in the air will no longer become inaccessible.

• Megalodons chasing players should be less likely to collide with islands and run aground.

• Gold-plated journeys are now only removed from players’ inventory if they’ve started successfully. All trips that cannot be made are now returned to the inventory of the trip.

• While traveling through the Tunnels of the Damned on a dinghy, the ghosts on the lower deck can now be seen using the comfortable mattress.

• When ‘Jump Up to Move Up’ is enabled, it should no longer cause players to get stuck swimming when they stop reading if they hold the ‘Swim Up’ button while reading a diary.

• The Trident of Dark Tides directivity settings are now saved between sessions.

• Players who reset their keyboard and controller settings to their defaults will now find that the settings remain reset after the game restarts.

sunken kingdom

• The Legend of the Cursed Voyage may no longer fail if players place a Forbidden Key in a sunken Merfolk statue before migrating to another server.

• If a player in a Siren Treasury dies and returns to the final wave of the Ferry of the Damned, the appropriate music must continue to play.

• Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune – Loot retrieved from a sunken Merfolk statue near the top of the Shrine is no longer allowed to float off the platform.

• Shrine of the Coral Tomb – Players can now exit through the Shrine entrance.

• Shrine of the Coral Tomb – An ammunition chest has been added at the entrance to the Shrine.

Lost Shipments Travel

• Chart clues discovered during Lost Shipments Voyages should no longer go blank after migrating to another server.

• Map clues for lost shipments may no longer be blank for players participating in a current session.

long stories

• ‘The Sunken Pearl’ – Players must not be able to see the bubbles of other debris through the water as they swim down.

• ‘Captains of the Damned’ – There is now a gate to the Spanish fortress that players must open to gain access.

• ‘Captains of the Damned’ – When exiting the water near the sewer gate, the small steps will prevent the player from bouncing back into the water.

• ‘Dark Brethren’ – Ambient sounds in the Coral Fortress may no longer be cut off when you walk around the ascending chamber.

Pirate Emporium

• Players who purchase a Plunder Pass will now be immediately rewarded with the appropriate level rewards without the need to earn Fame.

• The page turning animation should now repeat correctly when using the Good Book emote.

Visual and Audio

• After navigating through the Tunnels of the Damned, ranged weapons now correctly display their bullet marks.

• Scrolls should now play paper audio effects when lifted and turned.

• Water audio effects when the Kraken leaves may not stop prematurely.

• If a player’s ship is on fire, putting out the fire should now no longer cause the flames to disappear immediately, but gradually go out.

• Players may no longer be able to see through fog when they are next to a ship that is on fire.

• The friendly merfolk holding a crew’s treasure must now use the appropriate audio effects.

• Damaged Devil’s Roar Rum Bottle Cargo now shows correct crushed images when placed on the ground.

• The handles of the Legendary Fishing Rod and the Silver Blade Fishing Rod should not become loose during use.

• Fishing rods should now have a fishing line color that more closely matches the color of the line in the spool.

• There should be no more visual interference when firing the Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss, Scurvy Blunderbuss, Castaway Bilge Rat Blunderbuss, and Sea of ​​Sands Blunderbuss.

• The Victorious Sea Dog Blunderbuss should no longer clip through the camera when aiming at the sight.


• The wall next to the Sloop’s new bed is now hit by weapon damage.

• Navigating the wooden ramps on top of Thieves’ Haven should no longer cause players to slide off.

• Players may no longer be launched into the air by running into a wooden fence on Sailor’s Knot Stronghold.

• The Mysterious Stranger’s Tankard may no longer visibly float in the air if a player is too close.

Text and localization

• Merchant Alliance crate collecting tooltip now reads ‘Take’ instead of ‘Redeem’.

• The text description in the Events panel can no longer be truncated when the language is set to Russian or Japanese.

• No more text allowed to fall outside the box when naming pets with the language set to Chinese, Korean or Japanese.

• Fixed spelling issue in Pirate Emporium’s monkey collection.

Performance and stability

• Improvements to server performance, reduction in latency, latency spikes, rubberbanding and server correction during gameplay.

• Server stability has been improved, reducing the number of scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.

• Improvements to the way the mouse position is captured within the title to improve the Touch Controls when played on xCloud.

• Improved radial menu responsiveness on lower specification hardware. After this change, players will notice that all custom keybinds for radial menus have been reset.

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