Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards This Week and Impeccable Loot Report

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Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Rewards (Image: BUNGIE)

Guardians will battle it out again this weekend when Bungie releases the latest Trials of Osiris event in Destiny 2 today.

By pitting fire teams of three against each other, the Crucible will offer rewards to those who put together the most impressive runs.

And this weekend Bungie confirmed that they will be using different rules and experimenting with how things work.

Trials of Osiris Freelance changes the rules so that everyone plays queues themselves.

This week, Bungie will also be tweaking the requirements needed to participate in Trials, giving fans this latest update on what’s coming up in December:

“This week is also a Labs where we don’t need the Trials Intro quest to start in the nodes; the only requirements are possession of Beyond Light and the 1290 Power level or higher.

“While Trials can be a bit competitive, we hope this variation will open up PvP to more players and introduce them to some sweet rewards, as well as spark more desire to give the Crucible a try from time to time.

“December 16 will be our last TWAB of the year, so we’re announcing this well in advance: December 31 – January 3, we’ll be running another Trials Labs: Freelance. If you just want to ring in the new year, we’ve got the playlist just…for…you? wait no!

“That’s a sad way to look at it. If you’re looking for a playlist that you can enter alone and potentially meet friends for life, we’ve got the playlist for you.

“Expect an additional Capture Zone and Freelance in early February, before The Witch Queen launches. We’ll also be looking at card rotation in the Trials playlist in the coming months, starting with removing underperforming cards from rotation.”

The official Osiris rewards won’t be known until after 6:00 PM GMT, and it may take a while to figure out the full loot list. It will be Guardians who will have to do the hard work, as Bungie rarely gives advance directions.

Trials now offer a seven win challenge, which will be available from Saint-14, and yields the Adept Flawless loot. Reputation win per match has been scaled based on the number of round wins on a ticket, and trial passes are now within account range.

Bungie has confirmed that they have reduced the round time to 90 seconds, with each round starting with fresh special ammunition.

Cross-Play must be enabled to participate, which also requires the purchase of the current annual expansion.

The full list of Trials rewards will be added to the top of this article when revealed by Guardians.

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