Forget about GTA 6 news in 2021, Rockstar launches a major GTA Online update

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GTA 6 news will not be shared in 2021 (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES)

The first reveal for GTA 6 and final release date are not expected this year after reports that a major new GTA Online update will be launched in December.

There was little hope that anything would be revealed before the end of the year, confirming that the next Grand Theft Auto game would be hitting PS5 and Xbox Series X.

However, reliable insider TezFunz has confirmed that the next GTA Online expansion will arrive around December 14.

And that should put an end to any hopes of a surprise reveal from Rockstar Games this month regarding GTA 6.

While the next game in the hit franchise is of utmost importance to Take-Two Interactive, there seems no need to report such big news if you’re about to launch a new multiplayer DLC.

GTA Online continues to be one of the most popular experiences on consoles, regularly popping up in the top ten sales lists for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The short message posted on Twitter by TezFunz does not share what will be included in the new expansion, but it does provide a release window.

It says, “It’s better to set aside some time off for the DLC release on December 14.”

Rockstar Games didn’t say much about the new GTA Online expansion, but did confirm it would be released later this year in a recent post explaining:

“We also continue to improve and develop GTA Online. As you may have noticed, we recently started selecting enemy modes and player tasks in and out of the game. GTA Online offers a hugely diverse range of gameplay, with over 1,000 Rockstar-created jobs and tens of millions more player-created jobs since launch.

“By running the jobs created by Rockstar in and out of the game over time, we not only free up space for new missions and modes in the future, but also improve the game’s matchmaking by empowering the community. focusing on a more streamlined job list from week to week.

“This also allows us to recall Jobs at different times for special or seasonal events and to cut down on some of the less-loved Jobs, as well as bring some of our slacked-out classics or the quirky community favorites to the fore.” surface, in addition to special bonuses such as the return of last week’s Offense Defense, Sumo, and more.

“We’re also looking at ways to improve the GTA Online experience for new and returning players in the upcoming March release of GTA Online for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S – stay tuned to the Rockstar Newswire for details on this and more information about the expanded and enhanced releases of GTAV and GTA Online in the coming months.

And later this year, get ready to embark on an exciting new adventure in GTA Online as a number of high profile contacts and high profile friends need your help expanding their “legitimate business” – with many more surprises coming soon. be revealed.”

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