Keighley positions himself against Activision and continues to be criticized

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Find in a few days The Game Awards 2021 takes place, now an established event in the industry, where not only are prestigious awards but also an exciting show for many fans with announcements and other news.

Last year, The Initiative announced that the new Perfect Dark and Electronic Arts showed a first teaser trailer for Next Mass Effect. The list of news was long. However, the show has also been accused of self-aggrandizement by the industry.

The games are meant to be in the spotlight

Those accusations got louder these days because Geoff Keighley avoided making a clear statement about what was going on at Activision. Of the Washington Post said Kighley, they want to support contributors and developers and not undermine the intent to put their games in the spotlight. You have to think very carefully about how to proceed here. Others read it this way: It’s better not to position yourself.

Understandably, there was also a shower of criticism and Keighley was now ready to make a statement on Twitter causes. “Aside from the nominations, I can confirm that Activision Blizzard will not participate in The Game Awards this year,” Keighley announced early in the morning German time. “The Game Awards are a time of celebration for this industry, the largest form of entertainment in the world.”

No place for abuse and intimidation

“There is no place for abuse, intimidation or other predatory practices in any business or community. I also realize that we have a great platform that can accelerate or inspire change,” explains Geoff Keighley.

“We’re committed to it, but we all need to work together to create a better, more inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable making the best games in the world. We are all committed to these standards,” Keighley wrote.

Activision is a member of the Advisory Board

It’s the least Keighley should have said in the run-up to the show, as he immediately adds: “Incredible games – and the talented developers who develop them – those are the ones we want to celebrate”. No room for negative thoughts about the show? Let’s see.

After all: Activision is not participating in The Game Awards 2021. Or? Rob Kostich of Activision is assigned Member of the Advisory Board. “The Advisory Board helps guide and advance the mission of The Game Awards,” it reads. However, the board is not assisted in the selection of the nominees or prize winners. Many fans believe that Activision is also part of the Advisory Board in addition to the nominations, which contradicts Keighley’s statements.

Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo have found clear words

Following the renewed allegations, both Xbox and PlayStation were critical of Activision in November. Phil Spencer told his staff that Xbox wanted to evaluate “all aspects of our relationship” based on the reports. One is “deeply concerned about the terrible events and actions”.

Jim Ryan was “discouraged and frankly stunned”. Moments later, Doug Bowser made a similar statement, informing employees that “measures had been taken.”

Activision has been nominated for Call of Duty: Warzone as “Best Ongoing” game and Call of Duty as “Best eSports Game”. The Game Awards 2021 will take place on the night of December 10.

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