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It’s now official. The mobile RPG Another Eden has a new partnership with chrono cross announced. This is, shall we say, an interesting time. Chrono Cross was released over 20 years ago and hasn’t had any new releases since.

Of course, Chrono-Cross fans are keeping an eye on current rumors and media reports that a cross-platform remaster of the classic is in development. There is a possibility that the partnership is being celebrated for a specific reason.

In recent months, there have been repeated references to a Chrono Cross remaster. A chronology of the events can be found here. Besides, Chrono Cross was once provided by Masato Kato as a director and writer. The same Masato Kato, who is now also director and writer of Another Eden.

800 years in the future

Another Eden is about main character Aldo and his sister Feene. A demon king wants to use the still-slumbering powers of fairies to destroy humans. Aldo tries to save his sister, but the attempt fails. This event disrupts space-time, sending the hero into flight 800 years into the future. The story consists of 26 main episodes, in which the player travels through time. He moves through past, present and future.

The mobile RPG is available for free on iOS, Android and now on Steam. There are also German lyrics for the single player experience. A cinematic trailer introduces you to the new collaboration.


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Images: Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space, WFS

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