Fortnite update time: what time will the Fortnite Chapter 3 map be released?

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With the end of Chapter 2 completed and Jonesy floating around on Twitch, Epic Games is gearing up for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season One.

A lot of action has already been taken this weekend, with Dwayne Johnson being revealed as The Foundation, teasing a new storyline for gamers to follow.

So far, Epic Games has not shared its plans for when they will bring back Fortnite, which is currently offline.

No one can play on live servers and everyone will have to be patient until we hear more from Epic Games.

However, a series of new leaks have revealed the latest news regarding the Fortnite update time for Chapter 3 and the new season pass.

And based on what’s being reported, Fortnite fans won’t be waiting long before they can log back in and see all the major changes.

As mentioned above, the new Fortnite map will be the most eye-catching addition to the game.

A new Battle Pass is also coming and Epic Games has already started teasing the new Spider-Man gear that will be available to collect in the coming weeks.


Epic Games has set aside a time for when the new Fortnite update will arrive and Chapter 3 will begin, but there have been a few leaks suggesting what might happen next.

According to a new report, Fortnite Chapter 3 will launch on December 5.

This is based on a PlayStation Support image, which suggests that server downtime will end at 3pm GMT on Sunday afternoon.

While some insiders claim the rumor seems unlikely, it’s the only lead we have at the moment.

Another report claims that the Fortnite update time is set to 10 a.m. EDT, which would fit the schedule posted above.

However, gamers should keep their eyes peeled for the latest news and teasers being shared by Epic Games tonight.

Earlier today, Fortnite was taken offline for server maintenance ahead of the Chapter 3 launch.

Fortnite update time for chapter 3 (Image: EPIC GAMES)

The end of season event featured the debut of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as The Foundation.

It ended with the destruction of the Cube Queen and the island overturned. Once the island was turned upside down, players were engulfed by a massive tidal wave and the game was taken offline.

But much of what’s planned for the future has not been officially revealed, with teasers and leaks providing the latest information.

Epic Games is currently unveiling the map as part of its FortniteFlipped social media campaign.

“Turn your world around and a new one will be revealed,” tweets Epic.

“Use #FortniteFlipped, flip your social profile and posts, and work together to reveal the new island.”

Judging by the picture, the map will feature a large area covered in snow, and the game had long since had a biome update.

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