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Atlus announced a few days ago 13 sentries: Aegis Rim for Nintendo Switch. Like Atlus now followed, the new Switch version will also bring some new content not available in the original PS4.

Don’t worry, Sony fans, you won’t miss any story elements or similar innovations. There will be 26 new weapons and equipment. Each of the 13 mech-riding protagonists can fall back on two new suits of armor. siliconera this translated:

  • Juro Kurabe: Armor-piercing cannon or powerful plasma arccutter
  • Megumi Yakushiji: High Pulse Laser of Piercing Multi-Lock Missiles
  • Ei Sekigahara: Hurricane Rush or Multi-Launcher Surface-to-Ground Missiles
  • Iori Fuyusaka: Multi-Rocket Launcher or Plasma Smasher
  • Keitaro Miura: EMP Long Range Missile or Carpet Bomber
  • Natsuno Minami: High Precision Machine Gun or Long Range Railgun
  • Shu Amiguchi: Point-Lock Missile or Enhanced Generator
  • Yuki Takamiya: Quad Leg Spikes or Active Cooler
  • Takatoshi Hijiyama: Air Repelling Blade or Reinforced Actuators
  • Tomi Kisaragi: Ultra Long Range Missiles or Powerful Charger
  • Nenji Ogata: Powerful Charger or Long Range Suppression Missiles
  • Ryoko Shinonome: Missile Hack or Random Shot
  • Renya Gouto: EMP Spike of Teleport Field

New audience, next chance

13 Sentinels: Despite the prestigious nomination at The Game Awards 2020, Aegis Rim never got beyond his status as an insider tip. That may also have had to do with the sub-optimal PR of Sega and Atlus. But also because the commercial version was simply barely accessible.

Maybe that will change with the Switch release. In addition to the digital version, there will also be a commercial version in the West. The publisher confirmed this to us again when we asked. The game also offers German lyrics.

Vanillaware, which also wrote Odin Sphere and Dragon’s Crown, creates a mysterious science fiction saga consisting of thirteen intertwined stories in 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Uncover the truth in a side-scrolling 2D adventure filled with lovingly designed environments, then take on the Kaiju in thrilling tactical battles. Equip your Sentinels with an arsenal of mecha weapons and fight for the future of humanity!

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim is coming to Switch in Europe on April 12, 2022.


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