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Xbox Series X restock TODAY: New bundle with Game Pass available from Currys

Xbox Series X Stock Will Be Available At Currys (Image: MICROSOFT)

Xbox Series X In the run-up to Christmas, stock is available again at Currys today. The Xbox Series X bundle in stock on the Currys website includes the much sought-after Microsoft console, three months of access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and the 1TB Seagate Expansion Hard Drive. This costs £679 on the Currys website, and if you want to buy it then click here.

Where to buy an Xbox Series X in the UK
Amazon UK – Xbox Series X 1TB Console

Amazon UK is one of the major retailers to take orders for the Xbox Series X this year. And, unlike the PS5, you don’t need Amazon Prime access to attempt to place an order. While this will open up Xbox Series X orders to more customers, conversely, it means stock can sell out super fast – so make sure you act fast. You can put the Xbox Series X on your Amazon wish list if you want to keep an eye on the stock situation.


Very – Xbox Series X Console and Bundles

Xbox Series X additions will also be available on Very in 2021. The online retailer is known to be taking orders only for the Xbox Series X console, or bundling which games, accessories, and Game Pass membership. Prices for the Xbox Series X at Very start at £449.99.

From €449.99

GAME – Xbox Series X Console, Bundles and All Access

GAME was one of the best retailers to buy a next-gen console in 2021. Xbox Series X standalone consoles and bundles were available to purchase during previous GAME restocks. If you want to spread out your Xbox Series X purchase, you can take advantage of Xbox Series X All Access. This program allows you to pay for your shiny new Xbox in monthly installments. And you get everything you need to game on your Series X, including access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

From €449.99

Argos – Xbox Series X Console

As with the PS5, the two heavyweights when it comes to Xbox Series X restocks this year were GAME and Argos. The availability of Xbox Series X depends on the region you’re in, so be sure to check the Argos website regularly to see if Microsoft’s powerful next-gen console is available for pick-up at your local Argos store.


Microsoft Store – Official Xbox Series X Site

You can also buy the Xbox Series X – as well as its little brother the Xbox Series S – directly from Microsoft. The Redmond-based tech giant describes the Xbox Series X as its “fastest, most powerful Xbox ever”. The Xbox Series X packs a whopping 12 teraflops of power, is capable of 4K and 8K gaming, and super-smooth 120FPS visuals.


Currys – PlayStation, Xbox, Switch consoles

Currys is another UK retailer that has taken orders for the Xbox Series X in 2021. Previously, the retailer sent codes to gamers who pre-ordered the Xbox Series X in store, allowing them to place an order online. This measure was introduced due to the skyrocketing demand for the next-generation console.


John Lewis – Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X

Iconic British retail chain John Lewis is another place Xbox fans have been able to pick up a Series X or Series S this year. The Series S has been easier to stock in 2021, so if you’re eager to jump in and see what next-gen gaming is all about, this might be a better choice for you.

£249.99 AND £449.98

BT – Xbox Series X code required

BT is also offering customers the chance to purchase an Xbox Series X from the official online store. To be eligible to buy Xbox Series X with BT, you must be a customer and have also registered an interest.


EE – Xbox Series X code required

Like parent company BT, EE also lets customers purchase an Xbox Series X – this time through the Add to Plan program. This allows EE customers to spread the cost of an Xbox Series X by adding it on top of their regular monthly bill.


AO.com – Xbox Series X Console Bundles

AO.com is another retailer that will get new stocks of the Xbox Series X in 2021. The online retailer has listed a range of bundles, including additional accessories and games.


The Game Collection – Xbox Series X Hub

You can register your interest in the Xbox Series X at The Game Collection. This specialist gaming retailer has received new stocks of both the Xbox Series X and PS5 in 2021.


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While more expensive than buying an Xbox Series X alone (which costs £449.99), this bundle gives you everything you need to start gaming now – and prepare for the future.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership gives you access to exclusive Xbox games for this year, such as Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5.

While the Seagate Expansion Hard Drive ensures that you have enough space to load all the Xbox Series X games you want to play.

The Xbox Series X comes with a generous 1TB SSD, but given the file size of next-generation games, you may need to buy a Seagate expansion card further down the line.

So getting one as soon as you buy your Xbox Series X can help ensure you’re not just delaying the inevitable.

The latest Xbox Series X addition to Currys is timely, with one of the biggest Xbox releases of the year just around the corner.

Tomorrow (Wednesday, December 8) is the long-awaited release date of Halo Infinite.

While the multiplayer for Halo Infinite launched in beta last month, the campaign will be out tomorrow.

And, in anticipation of this massive Xbox release, critics have been raving about Halo Infinite – with the Xbox title currently holding a Metacritic rating of 86.

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