Trials of Osiris rewards this week and Destiny 2 loot news

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Trials of Osiris Rewards This Week (Image: BUNGIE)

Bungie has big plans for Destiny 2 next year and is also busy experimenting with the Trials of Osiris formula.

Last week we saw the return of Freelance Rules, which meant everyone had to queue alone.

The same rules have not been announced for this week, and unless Bungie has decided to cancel the Crucible event, normal service is expected to resume.

The main draw for the Trials is unlocking the newest Adept weapon that will be available as Flawless.

But that’s not the only reward that will be available in Destiny 2 this week, following the launch of the new Anniversary Pack update.

Here are some of the free rewards to be found outside of Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2 this week:

Forerunner – The Forerunner is a brand new exotic sidearm that uses special ammunition and packs a punch. The Full Stop advantage gives the Sidearm increased range and heavy calibers.

BxR-55 Battler Legendary Pulse Rifle – This new Pulse Rifle is worth taking on any battle, with a hand-tuned Intrinsic Advantage (Legacy PR-55 Frame) optimized for hip firing and an exclusive Legendary Advantage that only is available on this weapon (Blunt Execution Rounds), plus a custom and unique range.

Legendary Sword of Half-Truths – This sword and its mirror image are the only swords that can roll a brand new sword perk: Eager Edge: Increase the sword’s lunge immediately after switching to this weapon.

Retraced Path Legendary Trace Rifle – Retraced Path allows players to experiment with how randomly rolled perks can work on a Trace Rifle, opening the door for other Legendary Trace Rifles anywhere in line.

The official Osiris rewards won’t be known until after 5pm GMT, and it may take a while to figure out the full loot list. It will be Guardians who will have to do the hard work, as Bungie rarely gives advance directions.

Trials now offer a seven win challenge, which will be available from Saint-14, and yields the Adept Flawless loot. Reputation win per match is scaled based on the number of round wins on a ticket, and trial passes are now within the account scope.

Bungie has confirmed that they have reduced the round time to 90 seconds, with each round starting with fresh special ammunition.

Cross-Play must be enabled to participate, which also requires the purchase of the current annual expansion.

The full list of Trials rewards will be added to the top of this article when revealed by Guardians.

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