Call a new posture! “Mini World”, an online concert of hundreds of thousands of people, opens up more possibilities for the game

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GameLook reports/Looking at the game industry this year, “Meta universe” is undoubtedly one of the hottest concepts. In terms of presentation methods, the meta universe is essentially a multi-dimensional superposition of virtual interactive scenes. According to the concept, various specific scenes in daily life, such as work, study, social interaction, and entertainment, can be reproduced in the meta-universe with the help of virtual reality technology. Of course, “chasing stars” is indispensable.

If it were ten years ago, it would be almost an unrealistic fantasy to attend a concert without going out, but now, the vigorous development of virtual idols and the rapid advancement of meta-universe-related technologies have given the new generation Z generations a brand new look. The way of chasing stars-enjoy the charm of music with virtual idols who look forever through the Internet.

On December 10th, “Mini World” and QQ Music’s in-depth collaboration of Hua Xiaolou x Xu Mengyuan virtual concert officially kicked off. Players can not only interact with idols in real time, but they can also unlock new call gestures with friends in the constantly changing scene of the track. In this concert that is more atmospheric than livehouse and bigger than the stadium of 10,000 people Experience the unique virtual interactive experience unique to the meta-universe era.

The advantages of self-developed engine are fully demonstrated, and it is more necessary to “burn” if you want to be immersed

Compared with real-life idols, virtual idols not only keep youth forever, but can also interact with fans more frequently, which is highly respected by Generation Z. However, due to technology, the way that virtual idols held concerts in the early years was very traditional—singing in the form of holographic projections offline. After all, a concert is not a person listening to a CD. In addition to the immersion of the music itself, the atmosphere of many people gathering to call idols is the “soul”.

In the process of injecting this “soul” into the virtual concert, the self-developed engine of “Mini World” has become the key to breaking the game. Through a series of targeted updates on the technical level, the unique “burn” of offline concerts It can also be fully perceived by users.

Based on its own game engine, “Mini World” has a new scene display board function, which opens up support for multimedia capabilities in the game terminal. It is the first in China to open up support for multimedia forms of music in the game. According to the official disclosure, it will also support live streaming, video and other forms in the future. Players can instantly become the audience and enjoy a purer audio-visual experience in a seamlessly switched music scene.

In order to further strengthen the music library support, “Mini World” also creatively opened up all the current free music libraries of “QQ Music” directly based on the underlying technology of the engine, which took half a year shorter than the SDK open mode on the market. Efficient. Imagine that in the future, if we can fully open up more music libraries, including paid albums, it will also enable musicians to sell albums through 3D scenes, reshaping the way of digital album sales.

At the playback level, “Mini World” is the first in the industry to directly embed a music player, integrating the QQ music player into the game, and players can perform many convenient operations such as random search, pause or cut songs, which makes up for The shortcomings of products of the same type can only be fixed to play tracks. We must know that adding the ability to play music in the original game engine structure is not an easy and simple task. The technical team also spent a quarter of time to realize the ability to play online music streams in game decoding; music players are not one of the game scenes. The props are built-in user game interface functions, which are like opening QQ music on the computer desktop. This is also different from the general simplification of functions of music players in other sandbox games at home and abroad.

Not only that, in order to facilitate developers to create music-related content, “Mini World” also encapsulates music capabilities into triggers, and adds customized tools such as dance halls, which not only provides richer gameplay and effects, but also Make the creative process easier and more convenient.

“Mini World” developers use the new encapsulated music ability triggers and dance hall tools to create a scene work, players can enter the work to choose songs and dance, and get a system score

In the core “audience” link, relying on server and client processing capabilities, “Mini World” has reached the industry’s leading technical level. In the single singing scene of Hua Xiaolou’s solo, players can gather up to 6 friends to enter the scene work, go directly to the stage, and have close contact with Hua Xiaolou, and can also play CALL interactively to achieve a more realistic interactive experience.

In the Huaxiaolou×Xu Mengyuan concert scene, “Mini World” can support 300,000 people to dance online and watch the concert at the same time. The repertoire changes will also automatically change the scene, which brings a unique experience that cannot be achieved in an offline concert. In the future, based on motion capture technology, “Mini World” also plans to bring users a more engaging real-time support interaction, and create a more realistic virtual concert with more refined content output.

From the low-level scene building, music library support to the provision of convenient tools and real-time social scenes, through a series of technical innovations, “Mini World” not only brings the traditional concert into the virtual world, but also further enhances its sense of immersion and immersion. The sense of atmosphere has also opened up more possibilities for the construction of its own content ecology.

Over 120 iterations in 6 years, continuous innovation to open up the content ecology

In fact, this virtual concert is not an isolated case of “Mini World” exploring the boundaries of the game, but an important part of the construction of its content ecological platform.

In July of this year, at the annual press conference of “Guangⁿ”, the “Mini Play” brand was officially upgraded to “Mini Creators”. From “playing” to “creation”, it also indicates that “Mini World” will continue to seek a broader ecological construction beyond the game itself. It was also at this press conference that Mini Creators announced one of the future strategic directions of “Mini World”: virtual interactive scenes.

For the understanding of virtual interactive scenes, we can divide it into three parts. “Virtual” emphasizes digital technology, “Interaction” emphasizes strong interactivity, and “Scene” represents multiple scenarios beyond the single entertainment dimension of traditional games. As an ecological builder, “Mini World” has established rich and diverse application scenarios based on digital technology, and the content ecology with UGC as the core is the guarantee for the ultimate realization of “interaction”.

In this context, “Mini World” also officially announced in-depth cooperation with QQ Music at the July press conference to jointly explore the endless possibilities of “music virtual interactive scenes”. Therefore, after more than four months of research and development, on November 29th, “Mini World” first launched the annual music version with “Play Music Together” as the slogan, bringing users from multiple levels such as gameplay and functions. The brand-new “music virtual interactive scene”, and on this basis, the “Music Carnival” series of activities for nearly a month will be launched, and the virtual concert is the climax of this activity.

In fact, in the past six years of operation, there have been more than 120 iterations like this annual music version. For example, in the May update, “Mini World” introduced a new worldview for the first time, laid out the mini universe, and pushed the version to version 1.0; in the August update, “Mini World” launched the “National Creation Festival” activity to encourage Players get rich rewards through spontaneous content creation. At the same time, this version also adds a team online function, allowing players to interact with friends while exploring the scene, further enhancing the social attributes of the product.

In the September update, “Mini World” launched the “Fun Fun Garden Party” event, with the theme of Mid-Autumn Festival and national style, bringing players a series of rich interactive content in the garden, through the way of entertaining and entertaining. Promote the dissemination and popularization of traditional culture among young people. At the beginning of November, “Mini World” launched an interesting spray painting game. Players can give full play to their own artistic cells, decorate and mark their works by spray paint, and show their friends their creative expressions through the patterns on the wall. Bag”.

The continuous update and iteration speed of “Mini World” is to better adapt to the user’s preferences and demands, always insight and quick response, and bring more innovative experiences to players. It is in the continuous innovation that the content ecology of “Mini World” has also flourished. At present, “Mini World” has 70 million content creators and nearly 200 million content scenes. The full participation of users has enabled it to build a healthy and energetic content ecology. The emerging new needs also provide for subsequent version updates. New ideas. The long-term and benign interaction between this product and users also laid a solid foundation for the future ecological development of “Mini World”.

Music interaction is only the starting point, the future is the vast meta universe

In March of this year, Roblox, known as the “Meta Universe First Share”, was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and its share price soared by 54.4% on the first day. A year ago, this company was valued at 4 billion U.S. dollars. Today, its market value is approaching 70 billion U.S. dollars. For this amazing market performance, Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki once said that even though it was once regarded as a gaming platform, Roblox has grown into a global community, connecting hundreds of millions of users through communication, entertainment, and transactions.

From GameLook’s point of view, this passage also explains why more and more Internet giants are joining this meta-universe war. In October of this year, the social network giant Facebook showed its determination to bet on the meta universe by changing its name to Meta. Zuckerberg also said that social networks are developing in the field of virtual reality, and Meta will be committed to building a virtual environment where people can play. Play games, work and communicate in the online world.

However, in the process of exploring the meta-universe, games are still the product form that the industry generally believes is the most likely to realize the vision of the meta-universe. As early as 2019, “Fortress Night” realized a series of cross-game virtual interactive scenes such as playing movies and holding virtual concerts in the game. Since then, through cross-border linkage with animation, celebrities and even various brands, “Fortress Night” has also evolved from a game into a prototype of a meta-universe with constant topics. Epic’s definition of the meta universe is “Eating reality”, and “Fortress Night” is the best portrayal of this concept.

And Roblox, which has a history of more than ten years, has promoted the game’s exploration of the metaverse to a new level through rich user content, realistic social mechanisms and a complete economic system. As early as 2013, Roblox completely opened up the platform, allowing creators to participate in the sharing of the platform, thus starting its own rocket-like rapid growth.

GameLook believes that both Internet giants and sandbox game platforms are seeking to establish an open and inclusive content ecology in the process of exploring the metaverse. As the CEO of Roblox said, “Roblox is a shepherd, and users will eventually build The entire meta-universe.” As the underlying technology and carrier end gradually mature, the application of the content side will be the most critical step for the blooming and fruiting of the meta-universe concept.

It is in this industry background that the construction of content ecology has also become the focus of “Mini World”. At the annual conference, Mini Creators launched a co-creation community platform to enrich the worldview and stories with users, gradually form an IP universe that accompanies the growth of players, and create a richer and diversified content ecology through “all people co-creation”. At the same time, the target audience of the meta universe represented by Generation Z will have a stronger sense of presence and participation.

As a result, we can also see a clearer route plan for Mini Creators at the level of “meta universe”-taking music as the starting point, the “virtual interactive scene” will be implemented in more content forms such as video, live broadcast, and audio in the future. There is a huge space for cooperation. Whether it is related manufacturers or content producers, they can freely access the content ecological platform of the virtuous circle of “Mini World” and jointly participate in the construction of the all-encompassing meta-universe.

With the continuous development of the “All People Co-creation” project, after this virtual concert full of immersion and atmosphere, “Mini World”‘s future innovative exploration of the meta universe is also worthy of our imagination and expectation. .

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