New World server downtime schedule and December Winter Festival update PATCH NOTES

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New World Winter Event on PC (Image: AMAZON)

New World developer Amazon is about to host the first-ever Winter Convergence event on PC.

Fans of the popular MMORPG can participate in limited-time activities and earn special rewards as part of the new event.

“The Feast of Winter Convergence is on Aeternum!” reads an Amazon message. Characterized by the appearance of more snowfall and Northern Lights in the skies, this is a time of dichotomy and duality when the Winter Wanderer and Winter Warrior come to land.

“Icy Winds and the Winter Wanderer bring new armor, weapons, furniture, skins, consumables and a delicious ‘gift card’ emote.”

As confirmed by Amazon, new activities include Convergence Spirit decorations, lost property recovery, and Gleamite collecting.

Players will also be tasked with defeating the Winter Warrior, whose ice caves are popping up all over Aeternum.

Needless to say, the New World event will be introduced along with an update, which can be downloaded at 12:00 GMT UK time.

Unfortunately, however, the update coincides with a server downtime of 3 hours, which runs until 3:00 PM GMT.

You can check out some patch notes about the New World Winter Convergence update below.

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• Improvements added to main story missions:

• “Destiny Unearthed” has been given a solo option.

• “The Nose Knows” has an improved level design and new tasks related to actually acquiring the “ingredients” for Bear Repellant.

• “Triumphant Return” now requires players to put out fires in Fort Alazar before saving Rima.

• Additional Territory Quests added:

– Added 16 new missions to Mourningdale.

– Added 13 new missions to Restless Shore.

• New “Housing” Missions

– Added 7 new missions that will be unlocked as players progress through their Territory Standing.

– These quests allow players to help an idealistic architect as he embarks on a daring mission to build new homes in the wilderness of Aeternum.

– The architect will glorify the virtues of home ownership and reward players with new furniture and decor.

– Find Giacomo Altovoli in the settlement in First Light, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs or Windsward to start (requires completion of “Advancing Corruption”)


• Added more information to tell players that PvP Faction Mission players don’t reset kills on death.

• Fixed an issue where killing Corrupted Tendril AI would not progress the “Adiana’s Fountain” quest.

• Removed many Elite Quest Prereqs for level 40 Weapons & Armor Quests.

• Added better views for the Spirit shrine icons on the map, just like other POIs in the world.

• Quest marker for “Visions of Invaders” is now displayed on the map.

• Fixed issues where certain Mourningdale NPCs did not have map markers for accepting and turning in quests.

• Fixed issues with players farming Captain Thorpe after climbing through Myrkgard Cathedral.

• Fixed issues where players could cut through the walls of the attackers’ war camps.

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