PUBG New State Update: Krafton Launches New Weapons, Vehicles and Survivor Pass

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PUBG New State Update News (Image: KRAFTON)

Krafton has released a great gift for those who want to fall back into the world of 2051 and try out new, futuristic gear.

This month’s update brings a new weapon, new weapon customizations and new vehicles into play, along with a wave of updates and improvements.

There are also new customization options for those looking to make the most of the new gear this week.

As noted in the patch comments, the biggest news about the new arsenal of weapons that can be used on the battlefields.

This includes the L85A3, an assault rifle, with a low recoil that opens up a new way for survivors to take down the battlefields of 2051.

The Electron Van will be a must for squads as this 6 seater minibus is more durable than other vehicles, and has the advantage of being able to switch seats while in the vehicle even when driving with a full squad.

Meanwhile, the Mesta is a classic 2-seater sports car that can accelerate quickly and reach high top speeds. This vehicle is available in two models: standard and open top.

Another big addition to this week’s PUBG New State update is the Survivor Pass Vol. 2, which comes with these bonuses:

  • The protagonist of the story of this Pass is Bella from the Dream Runners Faction. Complete the story missions to collect all of Bella’s costumes.
  • Upgraded Level Rewards for the Premium Pass
  • Rewards now include vehicle skins and more character costumes!
  • Collect NC by increasing this pass! At Lv. 48, you have enough to buy the next Premium Pass!
  • Added BP Chests as a reward for a free pass.

Other patch notes can be found below:


Character controls and actions

  • Fixed an issue with joystick controls in control schemes #1 and #2 so that control sensitivities are now correctly applied based on the size of the joystick controls

  • Parkour moves can now be performed on farther doors.

  • Changed the Combat Roll mechanics so that when performing a Combat Roll when your Boost Meter is 20 or higher, you instead perform a Boost Roll and cover more ground

    • Boost meter above 20 – below 90: Boost Roll (Tier 1)

    • Boost meter over 90: Boost Roll (Tier 2)


  • Changed vehicle entry parameters so you don’t have to be right next to the vehicle door to enter it

  • Improved the [Drive], [Get In], and [Door] buttons so they respond faster

  • Improved vehicle controls for Nova, Volta and Dacia

    • Improved left/right rotation mechanisms to be smoother than before

  • The Nova electric sports car changed from four-wheel drive to front-wheel drive

Map updates

  • General improvements made to graphics quality

  • Increased grass quality in Troi

Other updates

  • Based on feedback we’ve received from the community, BP’s refund amounts are now higher when purchasing duplicate items.

  • Emotes can now be used in the lobby. Try out group emotes with your friends!
    Game tips now appear on loading screens.

  • Survivors banned for using unauthorized third party programs will be removed from ranks in real time. (There may be a slight system delay.)

  • Survivors who have upgraded their Mad Scarecrow costumes to the highest level will receive the Mad Scarecrow Patch by mail in-game after the maintenance ends.

    • We’ve sent a special patch to everyone who worked hard to upgrade their Mad Scarecrow costumes to thank them for their dedication and hard work!

Access to games

  • Fixed an issue where updates would stop after reaching 38% on the title screen

  • Fixed an issue on iOS devices where downloading and then opening the game via a deep link caused the game’s graphics to appear low quality


  • Fixed an issue where your original squad members’ markings and health bars were still visible after being recruited to another squad

  • Fixed an issue where the location marker would move when a squad member was eliminated

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn’t revive squadmates in DBNO state if they were on top of certain objects

  • Fixed an issue where upper body damage from swimming players would not be recorded as damage taken

  • Fixed an issue where the joysticks would sometimes register input while adjusting the controls

  • Fixed an issue with control schemes #1 and #2 where the distance and angle sensitivities for the joysticks were sometimes not applied depending on the size of the joystick buttons

  • Fixed an issue where selecting Control Scheme #2 would sometimes cause your weapon to fire automatically on certain devices

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