Nintendo Rethinks Splatoon 3

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Nintendo uses the year-end greetings to welcome us back this year Splatoon 3 nasty Gift. Don’t worry, there’s just a new artwork with aioli, lime and No. 3. The artwork is associated with best wishes for the holidays.

The new ink adventure was only announced in February. You’ll find yourself in the Spaltsville neighborhood, which is nestled in a blistering desert. Here live proven Inklings and Octolings, who are all about turf wars.

In September, Nintendo presented us with the final trailer for the game on Nintendo Direct, which is still scheduled for next year.

There are tons of new arenas and dynamic new abilities in Splatoon 3. The arsenal is expanded with a bow weapon and new special weapons like the crab shell.

There is also a story mode ahead, in which you fight against the Octarian army. Here it is important to discover the secrets of Alterna, the membrane plasma and its connections with the “return of the mammals”.

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