Bravely Default II breaks sales milestone

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It’s finished: Bravely Default II has been sold digitally and physically delivered more than a million times worldwide. That’s what Square Enix gave on the official Twitter account known for the game, where (as always) they shared a piece of art to celebrate.

The million completed is certainly a success for a game like Bravely Default II, and Square Enix should see it that way. The series continues. Producer Tomoya Asano announced this in September. However, the development is expected to take several years.

In November he gave further insights into Famitsu: “What the development of a new console game [für die Bravely-Default-Reihe] I’m sorry, but there’s no news for now. However, as next year marks the 10-year anniversary, we expect it to be a little more active compared to a normal year. I’m looking forward to it,” said Asano.

So it is celebrated. Whether the console game’s announcement will also be part of the celebrations remains doubtful at this point. Until then, Bravely Default fans in Japan can pass the time with Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights.

Images: Bravely Default II, Square Enix, Nintendo, Claytech Works

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