Nintendo Switch vs PS5 vs Xbox Series X: History makes sales record in sight

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Switch vs PlayStation vs Xbox – History makes sales record on the horizon (Image: NINTENDO SONY XBOX)

The Nintendo Switch is about to become the best-selling Nintendo home console of all time. Despite having faced stiff competition from the latest and more powerful consoles from Sony and Microsoft over the past year, the Switch continues to sell like hot cakes. And it looks like the Switch will soon overtake the Nintendo Wii as House of Mario’s best-selling home console.

During its lifetime, the Nintendo Wii has sold 101.63 million units. It currently stands as the fourth best-selling home console of all time, behind the PS2 (155 million), PS4 (116.6 million) and original PS1 (102.49 million).

But according to figures from VGChartz, the Switch hit an estimated lifetime sales of 100.72 million in the week leading up to December 18.

Given the speed at which the Switch is still selling (it was reportedly the best-selling console for 2021 in numerous regions in Europe, and was also a popular choice during recent Black Friday sales) it seems only a matter of time before the Switch it overtakes the Wii.

And with the PS1 not too far ahead of the Wii in terms of lifetime sales, it looks like the Switch could top sales for both consoles in quick succession.

Overtaking the Wii would make the Switch the best selling Nintendo home console of all time, while overtaking the PS1 would make the Switch the third best selling home console of all time.

You could of course argue that the Switch isn’t just a home console – because its hybrid nature means it’s both a home and handheld console.

But that’s the genius of the Switch’s design, and one of the reasons it’s become a huge sales success.

And since the Switch continues to sell well, who knows where the system will end up on the best-selling consoles standings when all is said and done.

In March, the Switch will celebrate five years since it was first launched, and Nintendo home consoles typically have a lifespan of five to six years.

Recent rumors have claimed that the Switch’s successor will launch during the 2023 holiday season, so we could see the Switch being the best Nintendo console out there for another two years.

That could give the hybrid console enough time to come close to — or perhaps even surpass — the PS2’s long-standing record as the best-selling console (home or handheld) of all time.

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