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In addition to the messages of Yoshinori Kitase and Ichiro Hazama, Naoki Yoshida also gives im Final Fantasy Blog made a small New Year’s speech for the fans. This, of course, revolves around his two projects Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XVI.

“Happy New Years!…and now that I’ve done that, I’d like to apologize for any issues we’re having with the continued overload of Final Fantasy XIV caused,” said Yoshida.

The release of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker had caused significant server problems. Square Enix even had to sell the MMORPG in the meantime stop.

He also apologizes again regarding Final Fantasy XVI. Just a few days ago, he gave an unusually detailed look behind the scenes, admitting that Final Fantasy XVI development had been delayed by about half a year. In his New Year’s message, however, he is confident.

“We have [trotz Corona] We’ve finally reached a point where we can gear development to work on the release of the game,” Yoshida said.

A few days ago, Yoshida announced that we would be seeing Final Fantasy XVI again in the spring. “Well, I’m excited to announce that the current plan is for our next big reveal in Spring 2022. We’re trying to keep the suspense going until the game’s final release,” said Yoshida.

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