Square Enix President Sees Potential In NFT And Wants To Invest In Blockchain Games

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Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda Covered One new year letter turned to investors and probably explains exactly what investors want to hear: it’s about Metaverse, NFT and blockchain.

If you look at the addressees of the letter, it is certainly not to be overestimated. Investors naturally want a company to address these potentially profitable topics.

“The Metaverse is expected to transition into a meaningful business phase in 2022 with a wide range of services,” said Matsuda. Matsuda expects the metaverse to experience the transition from the abstract concept to concrete products and services. He hopes for “changes that will also have a stronger impact on our business.”

Matsuda also hopes a lot for NFT. “The advent of NFT with blockchain technology has significantly increased the liquidity of digital goods,” says Matsuda. So 2021 was not only “Metaverse: Year One”, but also “NFT: Year One”. He sees a “fast-growing user base” that NFT has accepted “with great enthusiasm.”

At the same time, Matsuda also sees “speculative undertones” in the NFT market, which is “not an ideal situation”. Overall, however, Matsuda expects this market to self-regulate and soon become as popular as trading physical goods.

To reflect these changes in the industry, a mid-term strategy was presented in May 2020 that identified AI, cloud and blockchain games as “new areas” in which “we should focus our investments and R&D efforts.” “.

Blockchain games have “outgrown their infancy” and meanwhile offer the potential to enable “game self-sustainable growth”. The way people interact with interactive content is a driver for this and the concept of ‘play to earn’ is a good example of this.

“Play to have fun” players have expressed reservations, but Matsuda believes there are “a certain number of people” for whom this concept is exciting.

NFT is critically viewed by industry and fans

NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) are – to put it simply – unique items. players own this one when you buy it. The makers of Stalker 2 had announced such NFT items for their game and had to backtrack after violent protests.

Ubisoft had launched the Ubisoft Quartz program, for which it was also criticized by fans. Even Ubisoft employees were annoyed. But you want to stick to the program.

Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase has also recently expressed interest in NFT. Square Enix became interested in NFT months ago declared and already started a first NFT project in October, such as Siliconera reported. man published NFT Million Arthur stickers that sold well.

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