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the famitsu did an interview too New Pokemon Snap published, in which two key members of the project participated: Pokémon President Tsunekazu Ishihara and producer Haruki Suzaki. Nintendo All translated excerpts from it.

The point was also that there was definitely the idea of ​​bringing Pokémon Snap back to previous Nintendo systems. But the basic concept of the game, which is to take pictures, turned out not to be very modern.

“With the release of each new generation, whether it was the GameCube or the Wii, we discussed a sequel. Photography has become something we do every day, it’s not the novelty it used to be. So it was a difficult concept to develop a game,” said Ishihara.

“There was a lot of discussion about how the gimmick would work, which made it difficult to start development,” Ishihara continued. New Pokémon Snap was a game of trial and error for years.

The development was done in collaboration with the Bandai Namco team who developed Pokémon Tournament. There were high expectations in Suzaki’s team.

Famitsu also asked if Ishihara had made any special requests to the team during development. He said it was the rarity. However, Suzaki revealed that the team was considering completely changing the core concept of the original Pokémon Snap. In the end, though, they stuck with the tried and true gameplay of the N64 original.

“It’s been over 20 years since Pokémon Snap was released on the N64, and the problem we ran into was whether we needed to change the core concept,” says Suzaki. “It was a great opportunity for us. Thinking about the game turned out to be a huge influence on development. The more I heard about what happened during development, the more it confirmed our decision to stick with the original concept.”

Images: New Pokemon Snap, The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak / Bandai Namco

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