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GTA 6 update: Leaker says 2022 could FINALLY be the year Rockstar unveils new Grand Theft Auto

GTA 6 could finally be revealed in 2022, according to an insider (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES REDDIT)

As 2021 drew closer, noted Rockstar Games insider TezFunz2 took to the GTA forums to reveal what – if anything – 2022 will be for GTA 6. And according to the notable leaker, it’s “pretty much a given” that GTA 6 will be announced in 2022, with a release date for the new Grand Theft Auto expected in 2023. If so, GTA 6 will launch 10 years after Grand Theft Auto 5 first debuted.

In a message on the GTA forums, TezFunz2 posted: “As we enter 2022, the new year is pretty much a given for the announcement of the next title. Following Rockstar’s pattern of major titles, a release is expected a year later.”

These leaker comments were flagged on the GTA 6 Reddit, with some fans convinced that 2022 will finally be the year Rockstar lifts the lid on the new Grand Theft Auto game. Redditors highlighted TezFunz2’s track record of accuracy when it comes to leaks as a sign that GTA 6 could be unveiled in 2022.

One wrote: “I think this guy is one of the most credible leakers. He was right about upcoming GTA Online content for a few years.”

While another wrote: “Probably shortly after E&E comes out. Some sort of Easter egg will be found and then confirmation”.

And someone added, “I feel like this is the year too.”

As always with rumours, it’s best to take claims with a grain of salt until official confirmation.

But the potential GTA 6 release date that TezFunz2 put forward matches the best-case scenario of another major leak.

Last year, Tom Henderson – known for his Call of Duty and Battlefield leaks – dropped a ton of alleged leaked GTA 6 information.

Henderson claimed that GTA 6 will be set in modern times, see players return to Vice City, and have an evolving map a la Fortnite.

And Henderson also claimed that GTA 6 could have a release date between 2023 and 2025.

It is rumored that Rockstar hopes to maximize sales and release GTA 6 when the next-gen consoles are more readily available.

And you’d hope that by 2023, PS5 and Xbox Series X stock will be easier to buy than it is now.

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