The annual grand ceremony of this national game outlines the warmest “Sui Sui Chang’an”

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GameLook report/On December 31, the Fantasy Westward Journey Carnival New Year’s Eve Gala “Sui Sui Chang’an” officially started live online.

Looking back, the annual carnival has long been the norm for the long-term operation of Fantasy Westward Journey. But it is not difficult to find that with the continuous iteration of the game itself and the gradual enrichment of the IP connotation, the official understanding of the carnival is also deepening.

This event, which was originally a purely exchange of game content, has gradually become an important opportunity to showcase the core culture of Fantasy Westward Journey and promote communication between officials and players. GameLook found that, unlike the unilateral interpretation of traditional game activities, this carnival is more like the result of an official team and players rushing to each other.

That is to say, the two sides stay together to create an emotional and warm New Year’s Eve ceremony together.

Gathering across time and space, a confession dedicated to the players

From GameLook’s point of view, this carnival seems to focus more on the players themselves. This does not refer to a single IP product user, but to all fantasy players.

After all, Fantasy Westward Journey is already a classic IP with various products, wide market coverage, and high cultural tolerance. In addition to the continuous upgrade of quality, the strongest support behind it is the long-term company of the players. Therefore, this year’s Carnival decided to cut from the perspective of players and create this annual festival with the theme of “Surviving Changan”.

The reason why “Chang’an” was fixed is due to the precise insight into the player’s emotional appeal of Fantasy Westward Journey. The annual carnival is an important activity outside the game to awaken players’ resonance and gather emotions. In the game, there is a special place that plays the same role: Chang’an City.

For thousands of fantasy players, Chang’an is not only their spiritual home, but also an indescribable emotional fetter. In the game, Chang’an City is not only the largest city in area, but also a unique main city, which accompanies players through the years.

At the same time, Changan means “a long time, peace and safety”. At the time of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, this “New Years of Chang’an” is not only a grand ceremony for players, but also a New Year’s blessing from Fantasy Westward Journey, which is full of warmth under the ordinary.

In this special period, although it is inconvenient to meet offline, countless players have crossed the obstacles of time and space, made appointments as scheduled, and gathered in “Chang’an” online, triggering a new round of emotional resonance.

The opening show “War of the Gods of War”, through the freehand lyrics and the stage to reproduce the magnificent scenes of the Gods of War, convey the connotation of the core event “Wars of God” to the players. The performance on the stage evokes the players’ associations and memories of the event. The inside and outside of the game mirror each other, and the boundaries between online and offline are eliminated. This parallel and dislocation of time and space runs through the party.

Later performances also further revolved around “Chang’an”. In the dance “A Thousand Army of Armies”, the vigorous drums sounded like ten thousand horses galloping.

The dance “Youth Tour” was performed jointly by young dancer Wei Shenzhou playing Fang Cunshan disciple Xiaoyaosheng, and Hu Chenyuan playing Long Gong disciple Long Prince. The former is well-known to the public for his interpretation of Chaplin in the dance show “Dance Storm”, and Member Hu Shen is the show’s annual champion.

In just five minutes, with the alternate appearance of the main stage, the water stage, and the water area in the cloud and light, the scene changed from a square inch mountain to the bottom of the dragon palace. The two finally met across the “mountain and sea”, and then changed from a solo dance to a wonderful duet dance, which visually demonstrated a time-and-space gathering, and also symbolized that thousands of dream players have broken through the time and space constraints and gathered in Chang’an.

Another dancer Zhu Jinhui’s program “Flower. Room. Wine” also brought a visually wonderful performance that was beyond the conventional time and space. She wore the brocade clothes from “Fantasy Westward Journey Three-dimensional Version”, with the help of screens to set the scenery yarn three times to open and close, three times to change clothes, with “Biheyunxiao”, “Dancing Huxuan” and “Splendid Huanian” brocade clothes to show different styles of dancing. In the atmosphere of singing to wine and happy in Chang’an, the “I” in different spaces meet one by one.

From the point of view of an ingenious program design, this is not so much an officially prepared grand ceremony, it is better to regard it as the gathering of all fantasy players. Everyone gathers together in the past, present and future, picking up the good memories of this year, and going to this annual carnival that belongs to the Fantasy Westward Journey.

And the deep feeling and heart behind this also means that it is not a simple activity, but the most affectionate confession of the fantasy westward journey-that is, Chang’an City will always light up the lamp, waiting for the players to go home at any time. It can be said that it hits the player’s heart directly, and uses warmth to inspire a strong emotional identity and sense of belonging.

Pan-entertainment expands the circle, creating a new dream card

In addition to the above-mentioned exciting programs, this carnival also invited a number of celebrity spokespersons to gather. For example, Zhang Yixing, the spokesperson of the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey”, and Qianyi Yang, the first spokesperson of the “Fantasy Westward Journey” mobile game.

You know, Zhang Yixing himself is an experienced fantasy player, and he also wrote the promotion song “Youth Travel” for the mobile game “Fantasy Westward Journey”. On the day of the carnival, he brought the Monkey King character song “Enlightenment”. The majestic lyrics and the super-burning MV perfectly interpret the monkey who “doesn’t recognize the fate”.

As the first spokesperson of Fantasy Westward Journey, Miriam Yang has a unique position and meaning in the hearts of players. This time, the carnival appearance was the finale, and he sang a fantasy Westward Journey version of “Dislocation of Time and Space” with the players.

In the song, “The wish that you hid at the top of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda that year, did you quietly realize it” “We have experienced many rounds of tests and learned to stand shoulder to shoulder” and other phrases, undoubtedly pushed the entire atmosphere to the highest point. This song is dedicated to The songs of all fantasy players are comparable to a powerful emotional tear gas.

The gathering of the two high-profile spokespersons made the new and old players collectively burst into tears; and the stars of this carnival dazzled, naturally, it also attracted enthusiastic attention from the outside world. In essence, the event is not only from the original intention of building player culture, but also a collision and fusion of classic IP and trend culture, and it is presented in a way that young users love to hear.

Star joining is just one of them. Fantasy Westward Journey also uses a series of pan-entertainment styles to expand the brand connotation, refresh user perceptions, and create a new business card for the game.

At the carnival, the band “Clockwork Moon”, which is active in popular variety shows, also came to the scene for the first time and sang the theme song of the same name from the IP-derived animation “Time and Space”. Not only is it in line with the current band fever, but it is also trying to integrate IP into the national comics that young people love, so as to capture the attention of more users. It is reported that with only three PVs and one tidbit, the animation has received more than 1.5 million views and 250,000 followers at station B.

In addition, Zhang Shaohan also brought the Tang Dynasty official school song “Fire Horse”. This can be described as the sequel to the fantasy martial art series. The official has previously collaborated with stars such as Tengger, Huang Ling, and A-Lin to perform stylistic interpretations of a variety of popular songs. The series has been favored by many netizens, and was dubbed “Fantasy Westward Journey Record Company” by users of station B.

Among them, GameLook is most impressed by Tengger’s Putuoshan sect song “Mang Chong”, and Gong Linna’s Fangcunshan sect song “Down the Mountain”. At that time, the two singers performed a second interpretation of popular ancient songs with their own unique singing skills, and they soon caught the attention of young netizens, and so far they have won more than 10 million views. Based on many years of IP operation experience, the official has clearly seen the market trend accurately. Thanks to the trendy pan-entertainment form, it not only succeeded in integrating with young users, but also allowed the public to re-recognize Fantasy Westward Journey.

From cooperating with popular celebrities to creating derivative Chinese comics, and then to stylized interpretation of classic songs…The fantasy Westward Journey, which has turned classics into popular ones, and made popular ones into one’s own, constantly expanding its connotation, has become closer to an all-encompassing one. Cultural brand. The new label formed after the expansion of pan-entertainment is also helping this classic IP break its inherent image, and it is understood, recognized and truly loved by more and more users.

Deepen the emotional standard, the game and the players grow together

In addition to exciting shows, the official also announced a wealth of game updates. It can be said that Fantasy Westward Journey has achieved three values ​​through the carnival activities: one is to bring players audiovisual feast and emotional resonance; the second is to expand the brand voice and refresh the IP image; the third and most fundamental point is to be player-oriented and continuously improve Game experience.

For example, the computer version of “Fantasy Westward Journey” will launch activities such as “Floats for New Wishes” and “Lights to Celebrate Good Harvests”. In the three-day event, players will also have the opportunity to encounter new summoned beasts such as “A Bao”, new copies, new plots, new gang gameplay, etc.; and in “Fantasy Westward Journey 3D”, Nanzhan Buzhou will usher in the map Renewed, and launched a new story “Corolla in the Tang Dynasty”; “Fantasy Westward Journey Web Edition” started linkage with “Calabash Brothers”, launching content such as Calabash Little King Kong.

Strictly speaking, Carnival is essentially an important way for the official team to connect players outside the game. In other words, players are always the most important part of Fantasy Westward Journey Carnival.

For example, the 2016 Carnival is based on the theme of “Every Round Dedicated to Youth”, allowing players to tell their own stories; in 2017, “crossing time and meeting you” to 2018, returning to “the place where dreams began”, and then In 2019, the theme of “Millions of Lights and Dreams Back to Chang’an” and the previous “Starry Sky, Dreaming of Mountains and Seas”-behind the continuous iteration of the theme, it is the constant core of the Carnival that gathers players’ emotions and stimulates resonance.

On this basis, the theme of this year’s carnival is “Chang’an”, which outlines the warmest city of Chang’an from the emotional dimension. It is undoubtedly the inevitable result of the team’s careful understanding of player emotions and in-depth exploration of the carnival format.

You know, Chang’an is certainly one of the most important elements in the game, but it is also because of the countless details that players have accumulated in it that gradually build a rich and sensible Chang’an City. From this perspective, the player culture that grows with the game is obviously another core charm of Fantasy Westward Journey.

After profoundly recognizing this characteristic, the Fantasy Westward Journey team focused on emotional expression and dedicated efforts, successfully building a very warm New Year’s Eve ceremony. It breaks the limitations of time and space, evokes countless users’ memories of Chang’an City and Fantasy Westward Journey, and successfully awakens players’ emotional resonance and a strong sense of belonging.

Also in this process, Fantasy Westward Journey continues to explore the extension and enrichment of emotional operations to the brand’s connotation, and further realizes the common growth of IP and players. People can’t help but look forward to the future development of this national game.

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