New Call of Duty updates coming soon as the Warzone and Vanguard event ends

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New Call of Duty updates are coming (Image: ACTIVISION)

Developers Sledgehammer Games have confirmed that it will launch a new Vanguard update this week, following the end of Festive Fervor.

The news was shared after both Call of Duty games took a short hiatus for the holidays on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

And Sledgehammer has started sharing what will be tweaked later this week, though it should be noted that no set date has been shared for when the new patch will be released.

The latest on the situation was shared on Twitter, reading: “The hiatus is officially over and we know you have all been patiently waiting for updates. We’re happy to share some of the changes coming to Vanguard soon.

“Thank you for your patience while we were working behind the scenes. You can expect more frequent updates now that we’re back, with more to come this week.”

And we also have a few details about what will be included in the upcoming Vanguard update, which the development team is revealing today:

Changes to help complete Panzerfaust challenges

Perk adjustments to counter all things fire

A weapon balance pass (Sniper buffs and Shotgun nerfs!)

An adjustment to Mortar Barrage to shorten the duration

And Warzone gamers are desperate for some much-needed bug fixes to be implemented in the coming weeks.

Problems with map placements, missing skins and invisible players have led to problems with the fanbase, who are starting to get used to the new Caldera map.

But there has been some good news this week as the Festive Fervor has run its course and is being removed from the live servers.

This means gamers don’t have to worry about Krampus coming to spoil their fun, or those pesky elves making so much noise in the background.

More news about upcoming Warzone updates and playlist changes is expected to be shared later this week.

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