The end of an era in mobile phone history with the cessation of “BlackBerry” devices

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An era in cell phone history ended Tuesday with a large number of BlackBerry devices going off, dealing a heavy blow to fans of this type of phone that features an apparent keyboard.

The leading Canadian smartphone company has moved on, after its famous device was considered at one point by the eyes of its users to the point of being called a “crackberry”, in reference to their addiction to it, which is similar to cocaine addiction called “crack”.

The Canadian brand has decided to discontinue updates to its “OS” operating system that phones sold until 2013 were equipped with. The company announced on its website last month that “Older platforms for BlackBerry 7.1 OS + and earlier. , BlackBerry 10+ and BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 ++ and earlier will not be available after January 4th. ” January 2022 “. And he explained that” devices that use these old systems and programs through their provider or through their Wi-Fi, will not work properly “from now on.

Devices using Google’s Android operating system, including the “BlackBerry K2” released in 2018 and designed by the Chinese group “TCL”, will not be affected by these changes. This decision marks the end of a period in mobile phone history that peaked in the late 2000s, a time when BlackBerry devices were commercially successful. A large number of corporate officials, celebrities and even politicians appreciated the large keyboard that made it easier to type messages using two thumbs, as well as the easy and simple approach of the devices. Former US President Barack Obama was attached to his BlackBerry phone and was keen to keep it when he moved to the White House following his 2008 election, prompting his team to devise their own data protection model, limited to basic functions.

Replace with iPhone

A number of other smartphones have replaced BlackBerry, starting with the iPhone launched in 2009. Attempts to relaunch BlackBerry phones have resulted in relative failure and the partnership with TCL to launch the latest model of these phones, the K2. it has not been renewed. “.

And a specialist in advanced technology, Bruno Guglielminiti, felt that this decision represents “the end of an era for fans of + BlackBerry + phones”, adding that “this phone was among the first smartphones launched on the market, and therefore The decision to stop working on it can be seen as the end of a book that is complete rather than the end of a chapter. Right. ” He said: “We often talk about the impact of BlackBerry in the business world, but it has also revolutionized political life, as it marked the beginning of instant communication that paved the way for what to follow, with the emergence of social networks. “. BlackBerry, which is headquartered in southern Toronto, Ontario, has been trying to refurbish its phones for years, but the company hasn’t been able to keep up with the rapid development in this highly competitive industry, as it has been with. Nokia, who was previously at the forefront of mobile phone manufacturers in the world the scientist. BlackBerry, formerly known as Research in Motion, since 2013 has been transformed into the creation of software and services for companies in the field of information security and data centralization. In the third quarter of 2021 that ended in late November, the technology leader posted a net profit of $ 74 million, nearly ten times lower than its peak in 2009.

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