Xbox Games with Gold – Games for the month of January 2022

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Microsoft slowly begins the year 2022, reveal to us new titles for subscribers of the Xbox games with gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

As usual, the American giant offers four games that are playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Also note that the Xbox 360 titles offered in the offer will work on Xbox Series X / S and also on Xbox One thanks to the backwards compatibility of the latter.

Here is the list for the month of January

For Xbox One:

NeuroVoider : RPG style twin stick shooter video game developed by Flying Oak games and edited by Dear villagers.

Available from 1 to 31 January.

NeuroVoider | Xbox
NeuroVoider* is a twin stick shooter RPG set in a futuristic cyberspace where brains fight evil robots with nuclear missile launchers. Take on the horde of vigilant robots, boost your character with your victims’ smoldering carcasses and challenge the corn…
Xbox Games with Gold - Games for the month of January 2022

At the ground : survival RPG type video game, in a very Minecraft style, the title is developed by Fancy Fish Games and edited by Whitethorn games.

Available from January 16 to February 15, 2022.

on the ground | Xbox
Survival is just the beginning. The only way for humanity to have a future is to return to the stars and confront them. But it takes a lot of ingenuity and help to get back everything that was lost, and even that may not be enough… Aground is a Mining / Crafting RPG, where an ov…
Xbox Games with Gold - Games for the month of January 2022

Xbox 360 games:

Shining Silver Rifle : shoot’em up video game developed by the Japanese Darling, for a getaway alone in the land of the rising sun. The title was reissued in 2011 by Microsoft Games Studios for Xbox 360.

Available from January 1 to 15.

Shining Silver Rifle | Xbox
Restored by Treasure, Radiant Silvergun is finally available! The gameplay that made it a shoot ’em up legend remains intact, enhanced with a secret mode “à la Ikaruga”. Until then, reserved in Japan, Radiant Silvergun is getting a makeover on Xbox LIVE Arcade with Leaderboards, a two-player mode…
Xbox Games with Gold - Games for the month of January 2022

Space Invaders Infinity Gen : Shoot’em Up video game developed and published by Taito.

Available from 16 to 31 January.

Space Invaders: IG | Xbox
Space Invaders is back! The title that has defined the video game for generations returns with a new system: similar to the original game when you start playing, it evolves over the course of the game. Unlock stages, upgrades and more! The complete set p…
Xbox Games with Gold - Games for the month of January 2022

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