Xbox Game Pass – Games for the Month of January 2022

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Microsoft reveals a small selection of games for the first month of the year through its offer Xbox Game Pass. As usual, the announcement of the games happens in two companies, we will update the content in time.

Xbox Game Pass - Games for January 2022

First part of the games for this month of January 2022:

Already available:

  • Gorogoa (cloud, console and PC);
  • Olija (cloud, console and PC);
  • The pedestrian (cloud, console and PC).

6 January

  • Embr (cloud, console and PC);
  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition (console and PC);
  • Outer Wilds (cloud, console and PC).

January 13

  • Spelunky 2 (console and PC);
  • The Anacrusis “available at release in Xbox Game Pass” (console and PC).

Additional content and game updates:

  • The New Year is coming in Minecraft (available until January 17).

As with each arrival of new games in the list, some titles will go out on January 15th, namely:

  • Desperados III (cloud, console and PC);
  • Ghost of a Story (PC);
  • Kingdom Hearts III (console);
  • Mount & Blade: Warband (cloud, console and PC);
  • Pandemic (console and PC);
  • Yiik: A postmodern RPG (PC).

Find here the full list of games included in the Xbox Game Pass and also all offers subscriptions that this service offers. Finally, find everything you need to know about these games at this address.

Xbox Game Pass Library | Xbox
Explore the Xbox Game Pass library of games and experience limitless fun.
Xbox Game Pass - Games for the Month of January 2022

As a reminder, it is possible to buy a game permanently with a discount of about 20% before the date of removal.

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