Xbox Game Pass: Skip the latest Series X games for these Xbox Live Gold downloads

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Xbox Game Pass has received some significant new downloads that you can enjoy in January on Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles, but you might want to keep them on your Play Later list for now.

That’s because there are some other brilliant free games available to break through this weekend, providing the perfect opportunity to test some new and older titles.

Each month, Microsoft compiles a list of games that can be played for free with both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

And while Free Play Days are special events that only last a few days, they offer full access to popular AAA and indie games.

There are no fan restrictions and all downloadable content (DLC) earned and purchased will be carried over when you purchase the game at the end of the free period.

And this weekend, fans can download and play The Sinking City, Star Renegades and Battlefield 2042.

It’s a brilliant lineup with something worth checking out for most gamers who might be a little bored or overwhelmed with the XGP library.

The headline here is that Battlefield 2042, which only launched a few months ago, is free to play on Xbox consoles until Monday, January 10.

Access to Free Play Days ends around 8am GMT, but until then there’s plenty of time to explore the battlefields of the future.

But if flying tanks into tornadoes isn’t your thing, neither the Sinking City nor Star Renegades are now available on Xbox Game Pass.

Both games have been around for a while, but this is your perfect chance if you haven’t tried them yet.

They can be found on your console by clicking the Subscriptions tab in the Xbox Store and accessing the Gold member area.

Downloading either one should only take a short time depending on your internet access and provides hours of free entertainment with no content restrictions.

The only thing to note is that this new deal is time-limited, meaning you’ll need to head over to the Xbox Store and claim them now.

Star Renegades is described as a rogue-lite strategy RPG, in which players compete against uniquely generated enemies.

The official description adds: “Fight for survival in a procedurally generated and emergent mission-based campaign through a reactive, tactical turn-based combat system that emphasizes interrupts and counters. In the way is an Intelligent Adversary system with enemy officers evolving and rising in the ranks.

Skip the Xbox Game Pass for the weekend (Image: MICROSOFT)

Meanwhile, The Express scored The Sinking City 3.5 out of 5, writing in the official review: “The Sinking City is a dark and often sinister game to explore, offering fans the chance to solve the mysteries themselves.

“There’s not much hand-holding in this detective game, which is wrapped in a Lovecraftian setting, filled with monsters and strange happenings.

“Storytelling and discovery can be the most satisfying parts of The Sinking City, which is partly held back by other more lackluster gameplay features.

“But the strongest part of this new slimy package is the way the power the gamer has over certain situations can feel to have such weight and consequence.

“You play in the dangerous and soggy city of Oakmont as a private detective who is drawn to the location by ghostly dreams and visions.

“Having had a few psychic clashes in the past, Charles Reed is well equipped to solve the many mysteries and intrigues found around the haunted island.

“You have your own mission to find out what drives you around the bend and why so many others are drawn to this place.

“Fortunately for gamers, solving this mystery means winning some favors from Oakmont’s more colorful characters and there are plenty to keep you busy.”

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