The feng shui turns, the US ultra-casual TOP20 in January: parkour that can’t die

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GameLook report/The end of Christmas also symbolizes the beginning of the new year. The TOP 20 list for the entire January is also slightly different from the previous month’s list, but parkour games are still entrenched at the top of the mobile game app store. “Nail households”, although the occurrence of this situation is expected, but we have to sigh that the vitality of parkour games on the ultra-casual track is really tenacious.

In this list, “Home Painter – Fill Puzzle” topped the list. This is a puzzle game developed by HJ2 studio, which was launched on December 10. This simple and relaxing gameplay may It will greatly help players release pressure. At the same time, we also noticed that similar games such as “AMAZE!!!” and “Stacky Dash” also appeared in this month’s TOP 20 ultra-casual game list. According to It can be seen that puzzle games may usher in a recovery with the opening of 2022.

From the content point of view, parkour gameplay is still the mainstream. There are 6 games with parkour elements. However, the current parkour games such as “Subway Surfers” are no longer common. The design method has gradually matured and emerged, such as “Coffee Stack”, which combines the classic “Snake” elements on the basis of parkour gameplay.

The following GameLook will briefly introduce the TOP 20 ultra-casual products in this issue:

1.《Home Painter – Fill Puzzle》

Developers:Yu Yanlin

Online time: 2021/12/10

Size: 289.94M

“Home Painter – Fill Puzzle” is a puzzle-solving game. Players slide their fingers to paint the walls of the building evenly. However, because the paint can only move vertically, up and down, left and right, and when it encounters obstacles, it will Stop moving, and the difficulty and playability of the entire game are thus improved. This “horizontal, horizontal and vertical” operation setting also enriches the player’s playing experience, with a full sense of decompression.

2.《Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D》

Developer: Tap2Play

Online time: 2021/5/19

Size: 254.85M

“Count Masters: Crowd Runner 3D” is a slightly magical parkour game. Players can expand their “blue villain” by moving left and right and passing through various mechanisms in the game, such as doubling and increasing the number of prop doors. “Scale, defeat the “red villain” and step on the score doubling step at the end of the game, the player “the bigger the blue villain scale”, the higher the steps to climb, and the more objective the score.

3.《Subway Surfers》

Developer: Sybo Games ApS

Online time: 2012/5/24

Size: 331.56M

The enduring Subway Surfers is a classic parkour game comparable to Temple Run, with colorful graphics and a smooth operating system – players swipe across the screen to avoid obstacles and gallop head-on. The train, get rid of the grumpy police and their hunting dogs, and in the face of these crises, players also need to eat as much as possible the gold rewards that appear on the map, which greatly increases the difficulty of the game.

4.《Text or Die》

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/4/17

Size: 260.94M

“Text or Die” is a puzzle game that is longer than letters and words. The longer the words the player uses to answer the question, the higher the tower will be built, and the rising waters will not be able to hurt you, so how to use the longest Answers to answer each question may be the key to defeating all opponents.

5.《Traffic Cop 3D》

Developer: Kwalee

Online time: 2021/8/11

Size: 324.32M

“Traffic Cop 3D” is a racing traffic police simulator. In the game, the player is a traffic policeman who performs the duties of a traffic policeman in the city and arrests all the lawbreakers. Search for criminals by continuously scanning the license plate numbers of vehicles on the road, and determine whether to intercept based on the search information. For criminals who violate the law, players can choose from a variety of processing methods, such as letting go, fines, and detention.

6.《Streamer Rush》

Developer: MagicLab

Online time: 2021/10/19

Size: 462.42M

“Streamer Rush” is a parkour casual game with elements of “net celebrity” live broadcast. Players will play the role of a live broadcast blogger. By swiping their fingers left and right, they can avoid the debuffs and obstacles on the road and attack the enemy. The green booster bottle on the ground increases the popularity of the live broadcast, and as the attention continues to rise, the player’s clothing will also undergo significant changes. The overall operation of the game is friendly, and the threshold for getting started is low.

7.《Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game》

Developer: Amanotes

Online time: 2018/12/15

Size: 327.61M

“Magic Tiles 3: Piano Game” is a classic piano stepping game. There are a variety of songs to choose from in the game. Players need to score points according to the rhythm prompts such as musical drums and accents, and achieve perfection many times. Stepping on the middle will generate combos and get higher scores. With the continuous acceleration of the music rhythm, the difficulty of the game will also increase. Quick reactions and hand, eye, and ear coordination are particularly important in the game.

8.《Giant Wanted》


Online time: 2021/9/24

Size: 169.21M

“Giant Wanted” is a sniper game, the content of which is just as the name of the game states. Players will play a heroic sniper and defend against alien giant invaders. These invaders are of various types, ranging from knights in armor to strange-looking aliens. Star creatures, and even Godzilla, have large and bulky targets, which makes it more convenient for players to enjoy the smooth blows brought by gun headshots in this dangerous world.

9.《Paper Fold》

Developer: Good Job Games

Online time: 2021/3/14

Size: 184.58M

“Paper Fold” is a decompressed puzzle origami game. The operation mechanism is simple. Players can restore the objects in the picture by clicking and folding with their fingers. It is easier to experience each level, and the style of painting is childlike. time” tool.

10.《Water Sort Puzzle》


Online time: 2020/6/26

Size: 289.43M

“Water Sort Puzzle” is a puzzle game with storage properties. Players need to sort water of different colors, just like turning a Rubik’s cube, so that the bottle will only retain the water of the next color. It is worth noting that only the size of the remaining space in the bottle determines how much water the player can pour. There is no time limit in playing the levels, players can safely and boldly classify them according to their own ideas and steps, and the game challenges can be satisfied while allowing players to relax.


Developer: Crazy Labs

Online time: 2019/2/16

Size: 129.19M

“AMAZE!!!” is a puzzle-solving casual game. The small balls controlled by the player will fill the game background, and painting them all red is the ultimate goal of this game. It should be noted that the small balls can only be Walking along the track, and each move will only move to the end of the track, which really tests the player’s observation ability, which greatly increases the difficulty of passing the level while increasing the fun of the game.

12.《Stone Miner》


Online time: 2021/9/5

Size: 443.98M

If you are a fan of “Gold Miner”, “Stone Miner” may tell you what the modern version of “Gold Miner” is. In this game, you don’t need to go deep underground, just drive the mining truck with the best digging power and propulsion power to drive wildly on various islands rich in mineral resources. Although your minecart will automatically collect the ore you smashed, you still need to remember to drive the minecart to the trading area before the storage space is full to exchange for a good reward.

13.《Love Fantasy: Match & Stories》

Developer: Appzoa Tech Co.

Online time: 2021/8/4

Size: 461.86M

“Love Fantasy: Match & Stories” is a elimination game with a dress-up nature. Players can unlock various items such as beautiful costumes by constantly eliminating them. In addition to the levels, its romantic storyline will also provide players with a warm and exciting feeling of love, and its Q-version style makes the game extra lively and playful.

14.《Candy Crush Saga》

Developer: King

Online time: 2012/11/14

Size: 274.66M

“Candy Crush Saga” is an enduring candy elimination game. The gameplay is simple and the addiction is very high. While testing the player’s observation ability, watching the pieces of candy being eliminated and broken, whether it is sound or picture The experience is very decompressing. In addition to match 3, players can also use the props in the game to save themselves from fire and water.

15.《Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games》

Developer: Fun Games For Free

Online time: 2014/11/10

Size: 374.8M

“Sniper 3D: Gun Shooting Games” is a shooting casual game based on sniper elements. In the game, the player will play a skilled professional sniper, ambush in the surrounding and wait for an opportunity. Generally speaking, each level of the game only gives the player one shooting opportunity. The so-called “no sound is a blockbuster”. The moment before the gangster prepares to harm the hostage, whether it can accurately hit the suspect and cause him to lose his mobility is the key to the game. .

16. 《Stacky Dash》


Online time: 2020/6/1

Size: 261.82M

“Stacky Dash” is a puzzle-solving casual game. Players need to move constantly, get as many floor tiles as possible to pass through narrow areas and complete the level. The game’s setting is very interesting, in strengthening strategy and solving puzzles While the elements are paving the way, the higher and higher floors are used to enhance the player’s sense of achievement and activate the playability of the game.

17.《Coffee Stack》

Developer: Rollic Games

Online time: 2021/10/28

Size: 143.1M

“Coffee Stack” is a parkour casual game similar to “Snake”. In the game, players will hold coffee cups and pick up more cups, fill more coffee, and produce more ice cream. Accidentally bumping into the beating hammer will lose the cup you have acquired, which means that as the team grows, the parkour difficulty of the game may increase exponentially, and the fun will follow.

18.《Collect Em All! Clear the Dots》

Developer: Voodoo

Online time: 2021/6/18

Size: 258M

“Collect Em All! Clear the Dots” is a elimination game, which is different from the common elimination games. The game uses the fingers to form a chain to eliminate. Compared with the match-3 mode, there are more puzzle elements. , less randomness, I have to say that this gameplay design is very creative.

19.《Zodiac Runner!》


Online time: 2021/10/16

Size: 192.32M

“Zodiac Runner!” is a casual running game based on constellation elements. Players complete the level by collecting the correct items and choosing the correct gate. As the game progresses, players may learn more about constellations , such as personality, hobbies, etc., who would not want to gain knowledge while playing games.

20.《Going Balls》


Online time: 2020/2/19

Size: 616.56M

“Going Balls” is a parkour casual game based on a physics engine. Players will control the ball to flash and move in various stalls, and obtain a lot of gold coins through reasonable movements. Of course, the organs in the game are not vegetarian. There are all kinds of things, such as hitting the ball into the air, making the ball stagnate, and looking at the wooden boards hanging in the air, the thrill of a roller coaster arises spontaneously.

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