The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!

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The first games added to the catalog Playstation now are available for the year 2022, since this Tuesday, January 4, 2022. Sony has been able to please its players with a total of no less than six games, including Mortal Kombat 11.

Also find January’s PlayStation Plus games available the same day in our article below.

January’s PlayStation Plus games are coming
Sony will roll out the first three games of the year 2022 for PlayStation Plus subscribers starting Tuesday, January 4.
The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!
January 2022 PlayStation Now Games Trailer

Mortal Kombat 11

The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!
Mortal Kombat 11 Logo

The famous fighting game franchise developed by Nether Realm Studios, returns in this eleventh episode. Face the aftermath of Raiden’s actions since the start of the license and fight back against previous versions of your favorite fighters. Also discover the new characters participating in the tournament.

If you are not subscribed to Playstation now, know that it is possible, through the Playstation Store, buy one of the following versions:

PS4/PS5 Standard Edition for 49.99 euros, Ultimate Edition for 59.99 euros including:

  • Mortal Kombat 11 ;
  • Kombat Pack 1;
  • Kombat Pack 2;
  • Consequences of the expansion;
  • Shao Khan.

You can also find it in the Double Pack Mortal Kombat 11 + Injustice Legendary Edition for €32.99 instead of €99.99.

Official Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age

The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!
Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age Logo

Here is the latest game added on the Playstation now and showing the monthly additions to the . completes Sony, featuring one of the most popular video game series, signed Square Enix.

Join Vaan and his friends to save the world of Ivalice, conquered by the Archadic Empire in this Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age. Help Princess Ashe, fighting body and soul, to save her kingdom of Dalmasca.

You can also buy Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age PS4 if you are not a subscriber, priced at 49.99 euros.

Final Fantasy XII Age of the Zodiac Trailer

Fury Unleashed

The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!
Fury Unleashed Logo

The studio Great games studio knew how to create an extremely enjoyable and nervous Roguelike the way we want them. You are in a constantly evolving comic, alone or in local or multiplayer co-op. Just one word! Shoot anything that moves and show your maker that he was wrong in underestimating you.

You can try the demo available in store and receive Fury Unleashed at a price of 19.99 euros, for non-subscribers.

Fury Unleashed launch trailer


The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!
Unreversed logo

Type of sandbox, irreversible, developed by the studio smartly dressed games, will ask you to survive in the face of a zombie threat.

Find equipment and lots of resources to make ends meet and grow. Forge alliances or play locally with your friends or online with up to 24 players.

irreversible is on sale for 24.99 euros for non-subscribers.

Unturned launch trailer

Super Time Force Ultra

The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!
Super Time Force Ultra Logo

Super Time Force Ultra, developed by the studio capybara games , let you travel through time like never before. Control 19 characters in 6 different time periods. Take on the enemies next to your various “you” from the past.

you can get Super Time Force Ultra currently 4.24 euros, instead of 16.99 euros for those who do not want to subscribe.

Super Time Force Ultra Trailer

Kerbal Space Program – Enhanced Edition

The new PlayStation Now games for January 2022 are here!
Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition Logo

What if you built an operational plane to send the Kerbals into orbit? The Squad studio has created a cool simulation game, where you can build bases and space stations to explore the vastness of the universe while calculating the physics.

You can get the standard edition for 9.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros for PS4 True PS5, but also the full edition for PS4 True PS5 also for 59.99 euros.

Kerbal Space Program Trailer – Extended Edition

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