Dying Light 2 Stay Human and Its Breathtaking Duration

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human arrives February 4, 2022. The action RPG from home Techland in open world will take place in an apocalyptic universe populated by zombies. The title is eagerly awaited on the platforms Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and pc, but will take a huge time investment if you want to complete it 100%.

Official gameplay trailer for Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human arrives with much fanfare in less than a month, on February 4, 2022, as fans have been waiting for it since 2018.

The studio Techland speeds up the various videos and photos of this apocalyptic opus. But what he just taught us is how long it takes to complete it 100%.

Indeed, the studio took to Twitter to say that it will take you a whopping 500 hours to complete everything this open-world action RPG has to offer you as Aiden Caldwell.

As we can see, according to them, the studio was able to offer an ultra-quantitative game, compared to the first opus that ended in about 55 hours.

We can also see the new features such as even greater freedom of movement, beautiful graphics in 4k or even the reworked Hud adjustment system.

clothing store

You can pre-order now Dying Light 2 Stay Human on all platforms or at your usual reseller and get as a bonus:

  • “Reach for Heaven” by Rosario Dawson;
  • Paraglider “Reach for the Sky” for Lawan and Aiden;
  • “Reach for the Sky” backpack for Lawan and Aiden;
  • Crossbow “Reach to Heaven”;
  • “Reach for the Sky” outfit for Lawan;
  • “Reload” skin pack;
  • “Reload” outfit;
  • Weapon skin “Reload”;
  • Weapon skin “Reload”.

The standard edition at 69.99 euros on Playstation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S, Nintendo Switch in the cloud with no advertised price and pc through Steam but for 59.99 euros.

The Deluxe edition for 89.99 euros on Playstation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S and pc through Steam for 79.99 euros, including:

  • Dying Light 2 Stay human;
  • Access a scripted DLC;
  • Exclusive weapon charms;
  • A “legendary” outfit;
  • A “legendary” weapon skin;
  • A “legendary” hang glider skin;
  • Wallpapers to print;
  • A comic ;
  • An art book;
  • Soundtrack.

The Ultimate Edition costs 109.99 euros Playstation 4/5, Xbox One and Series X/S and pc through Steam for 99.99 euros, including the same content as the Deluxe edition above, but with the addition of:

  • A nighttime XP boost. (2h) & obj. art;
  • Access to a scenario DLC 2.

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