Forgotten PlayStation Exclusive Gets PS5 Download Release Date

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Twisted Metal returns for PS5 in 2023 (Image: SONY)

The return of Twisted Metal is now firmly in the pipeline and it looks like PS5 gamers will be playing it in 2023.

That’s part of a new report this week that suggests significant changes have been made to the team responsible for the new project.

According to VGC, Twisted Metal will return to consoles in a few years as part of a wider project.

But one big thing that has changed from the original plan is that while Lucid games were initially in charge, there will now be a new team leading the way bringing Twisted Metal back.

This shouldn’t affect the game’s PS5 release, with Twisted Metal’s release date still expected to be 2023, the same year the new TV show is supposed to launch.

It should be noted that it remains a report and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

As many fans will already know, Lucid Games was the lead developer responsible for bringing Destruction All-Stars to PS5.

The exclusive vehicular combat game will continue to receive updates and new content throughout 2021, but may soon face its much bigger rival.

The major difference between the two games is that AllStars was given away as a free PS Plus title, while Twisted Metal is said to include F2P monetising.

This would make it accessible to the widest possible audience, although there’s no suggestion Twisted Metal will be available to play on other platforms.

The most recent Twisted Metal from the main series was Twisted Metal: Black for the PlayStation 2.

This was re-released in 2015 for PlayStation 4 with this official description: “Experience Twisted Metal: Black for PS2 system with 1080p up-rendering and trophies. Additional enhanced features include Shareplay, Remote Play, Activity Feeds and Second Screen support for game manuals with PS Vita or PS App.

“They say the mind bends and twists to face the horrors of life… …sometimes the mind bends so much that it breaks in two.

“The best-selling car fighting game on PlayStation 2 is now available on PlayStation 4! In the ultimate match of wreckage and destruction, Calypso has plucked a motley crew straight from the insane asylum.

“As the carnage unfolds, so does the horrific story behind each of these tormented souls. Slip into their twisted minds and come screaming for more.”

Sony has not yet confirmed that a new Twisted Metal game is being developed for PS5 consoles.

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