Friendship Time’s new national style “Ling Yunnuo” mobile game is scheduled to be launched on January 20

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Ling Yun promised to meet you. The beautiful national style social mobile game “Ling Yunnuo” under Friendship Time is officially scheduled for public beta on January 20, 2022 at 10:00. The game integrates traditional cultural charm and contemporary art aesthetics to create a new style of national style art and a new impression. The immersive experience of the line plot, the non-destructive development of personality followers, the free matching of beautiful dresses, and the leisurely life of drinking tea in the home and country, opening up a unique national style life experience.

Craftsmen paint mountains and rivers, the new style of art impression

Wonderful hands and flowers outline the prosperous times of mountains and rivers. The mobile game “Ling Yunnuo” is committed to building an ingenious combination of traditional culture and modern art, and creating a new style of national art style impression.

The game refers to a large number of classical cultural symbols, patterns and images of traditional costumes, architectural structures and decorations of past dynasties, details of ancient folk culture, a series of fusion and innovation of ancient elements, and condensed traditional Chinese painting with elegant and innovative brushstrokes. The line and color of traditional Chinese painting are integrated into the ink and water color techniques to create a real world of Daqi Jiangshan.

Ancient style drama, immersive experience of two-line plot

The game is committed to building a grand national style world based on the profound foundation of traditional culture, adding the theme elements of family and country love and self-improvement, telling a national style epic that is more ambitious than Lingyun and seeks a peaceful and prosperous world.

The story line of the female protagonist who entered the office to seek peace and prosperity for the people of the world, a female growth road that worried about the country and the people; the story of the male protagonist who seeks the peace and prosperity of the world with her footsteps, and set foot on the doctor who saves the world and saves people. Journey to the Way. “Ling Yunnuo” has opened up two completely different story lines for the male and female protagonists, immersing the experience while feeling the national flavor brought by the game.

Jiangshan talent, fetters and followers are cultivated without damage

My friends are all over the world, looking for youth together. The grand game world view of “Ling Yunnuo” has brought countless unique and charming characters. While these characters play the roles of close friends, opponents and mentors in the protagonist’s career, they can also become rare companions on the road of experience.

Cultivate bonds with these follower characters, unlock biographical stories, and gain an in-depth understanding of the characters’ story experiences in the world of Dakai. The meticulously crafted character mechanism design combined with RPG gameplay brings a variety of rich strategy matching experience. Combined with the design of non-destructive inheritance and cultivation, it brings a unique cultivation experience.

Splendid dresses, all kinds of matching makeup and painting beauty

Beautiful country style, make-up as you like. The mobile game “Ling Yunnuo” extracts traditional clothing elements and adds contemporary fashion aesthetic styles to create a unique pinch system that belongs to the new style.

The game uses the 2D character Avatar system and 2D face pinching system to unlock the freedom of character pinching in all directions. Hundreds of clothing accessories can be freely selected to achieve ever-changing styling and appearance selection experience. Free combination and replacement anytime, anywhere, give full play to imagination and creativity, Show the country charm!

Leisurely living, enjoying the elegance of home and country

The game also further deepens the shaping of the national style through the design of different game branch gameplay, adding a lot of casual gameplay outside the main line. He manages the world and the people, and is honest and honest. He devotes himself to the official career between the rooms to make a life for the common people, and deals with government affairs and explores exclusive side stories. Say goodbye to the turbulence of the world, study medicinal diets in the paradise, laugh at the snow cat playing with the wind and flowers, and go out to enjoy the elegance. Lead players to experience the dual national style life experience of living high in the temple and far away from the rivers and lakes, and bid farewell to the monotonous national style life.

The public beta of the mobile game “Ling Yunnuo” will be opened on time at 10:00 am on January 20, 2022, and you will experience a different experience brought by the new style of the country.

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