LAPD officers chase Relaxo on duty and lose their jobs

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Two LAPD officers were fired in 2017 for apparently on duty Pokemon GO have played. The case is now receiving attention because the appeal to the court has also failed and the officials have finally lost their jobs. And of course because the court report is quite entertaining.

The court documents state that the two officers simply ignored a request to reinforce a robbery and instead left the affected area.

They told their supervisor that they were in a noisy situation and therefore had not heard the radios. The regulator was skeptical and investigated the incident.

The recordings from the video system in the car showed that the two agents talked intensively about Pokémon GO for about 20 minutes. They would have discussed locations of Pokémon and moved there. On the way to a Relaxo, an officer said that a Togetic had just turned up.

When confronted with this, the officers denied that they had talked about the game simply because of text messages from a group. In the appeal they argued that the administration from the car could not be blamed on them.

They lost. the court file, which you can find on The Verge, describes the situation in much more detail. And if you’re playing Pokémon GO yourself, you’ll notice that the officials must have been lying.

through axios, The edge, Images: Pokémon GO, The Pokémon Company, Niantic

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