NBA 2K22 1.09 Update: PlayStation and Xbox Patch Notes News, 2K Season 4 Reveal

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NBA 2K22 update news (Image: 2K)

And while no official patch notes have been shared for the big download, NBA 2K fans already know about some of the big items.

The first is that the NBA 2K22 1.09 update prepares the game for the launch of Season 4, which is expected to be released later this week.

Dates between January 10 and January 14 have been touted and fans expect a full announcement very soon.

In the meantime, some official patch notes should also be shared to confirm what has changed in NBA 2K away from new content.

Bug fixes and tweaks to gameplay are expected to be included and will likely be mentioned in the new comments.

A major concern noted by fans who downloaded the update is that they have lost stars, with one user pointing out:

“I just downloaded this new patch. I was lvl 40 twice and my two stars are gone. Anyone know what’s going on? What is this new patch?”

Another added: “I lost mine too – opened a 2k support ticket and am waiting for a response.”

Early reports suggest that NBA 2K22 Season 4 could be set in China, but the development team has not confirmed anything yet.

We already know from the Season 3 patch notes that there will be new rewards and an expansion to what’s available in Clutch Time, with the older patch notes confirming:

“Clutch Time is updated every season with new exclusive rewards. With a ladder of 50 wins to climb, these rewards are divided into five tiers of 10 wins.

“Every 10 wins have a milestone prize and all other wins will earn you a wheel spin for a guaranteed reward. One thing to keep in mind, 3 losses in a row will reset your current level progress, but you will never reset below that level during a season.

Also recurring is the Showdown Tier in Unlimited, with Season 4 XP accruing in Season 3. Remember, if you completed Showdown Tier in Season 2, 15,000 XP will be waiting for you in Season 3.

“To help you enter the Showdown Tier in Unlimited, the reward for player Pink Diamond is Jason Richardson, an absolute beast of a MyTEAM card to improve your best lineup from the wing.”

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