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In distant Japan there are many holidays and festivals that we can do nothing with in this country. For example, one of them is Tanabata, literally the “seventh night”. It’s about a couple of lovers and the stars and Final Fantasy VII Remake had something to do with that too.

But today it’s about Seijin no hello. This “day of majority” celebrates people who are or will be 20 years old between April 2021 and April 1, 2022.

In Japan, according to the law, you come of age at the age of 20. In fact, unlike many other Japanese festivals, Seijin no Hi is an official holiday in Japan. And congratulations again this time Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Last year, PlayStation’s Japanese Twitter account offered a congratulation Cocktail from Tifa and again this year she offers a drink for those who celebrate it. “Congratulations to all the new adults,” says the Japanese FF7R account. One drink is enough for Tifa. Square Enix reminds young adults that they can opt out if they don’t want to drink.

By the way, Tifa is a good choice for this occasion. Because not only is she one of the most popular characters in video game history, but has been exactly 20 years old for nearly 25 years. Yes, of course only in Final Fantasy VII. In other games in the compilation it has a different age.

Young Japanese wear traditional clothes

Seijin no Hi is not as far away from us as the Tanabata, after all, in Germany we also celebrate family celebrations such as the youth ordination, where young people are solemnly included in the group of adults. Even if unfortunately this is not a public holiday in this country.

Seijin no Hi was officially introduced as a holiday in Japan in 1948. It has, of course, been celebrated for much, much longer. Today there are official ceremonies on the second Monday of the year in the birthplaces of the fresh adults, with the women wearing a kimono. Often even one furisode, a kimono with extra long sleeves.

The men usually wear a black suit and tie. Occasionally you will also see them in traditional Hakama clothing. The coronavirus pandemic has, of course, severely curtailed the festivities, as have all other celebrations.

Did you know all that? You can do even more with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania* learning, even if it is then limited to the game. After some delay the book is monstrous Available locally for the first time in this country.

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