Valorant Episode 4 Release Time, Neon Launch Date, New Battle Pass Items, Protocol 781-A

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Valorant Episode 4 release date (Image: REL)

Valorant Episode 4 is about to go live on PC platforms.

The new Valorant season is all about the release of a brand new Agent character.

That’s on top of a massive new Battle Pass, complete with a selection of Sprays, Player Cards, and weapon variants.

If you’re looking forward to Episode 4, the good news is you won’t have to wait long.

Based on previous updates, Episode 4 will air on January 11 at 5pm GMT. This means that American players can start playing at midnight.

The new Neon character is a Filipino cop with the ability to move at “shocking speeds”.

“Filipino cop Neon blasts forward at shocking speeds, discharging bursts of bioelectric radiation as fast as her body generates it,” the official description reads.

“She runs ahead to overwhelm enemies, then knocks them down faster than lightning.”

Neon’s basic abilities include Fast Lane and Relay Bolt. With Fast Lane, Neon can fire forward two energy lines that rise up walls of static electricity. This static electricity blocks view and damages enemies passing through.

Relay Bolt, on the other hand, sees Neon throw an energy bolt that electrifies the ground with a shocking explosion.

Neon’s signature ability is High Gear, which gives the character a speed boost and an electric slide.

Finally, Neon’s Overdrive ability would unleash the character’s full strength and speed. You can channel the power into a “deadly lightning bolt with high movement accuracy”.

The new character will be launched alongside the Protocol 781-A skin bundle, which is described as a dystopian skinline.

“The Protocol’s skinline was created by an oppressive shadow government that must suppress the disorder in its ranks,” the official description reads.

“Enter Protocol 781-A: An arsenal specifically designed to provide combat assistance, monitor performance, and enforce compliance with any command. The skins come in multiple tier styles and cost 9,990 VP.”

As for the Battle Pass, players can pick it up for 1,000 VP. A selection of free and paid items can be seen below.

YouTube video

Key Battle Pass Features…

Free Highlights:

• Velocity Shorty with variants

• Operation: Fracture Player Card

• Valentine’s Day Tactic Player Card

• Chicken Out Gun Buddy

• Lost Connection Spray

Paid Highlights:

• Velocity Karambit with variants

• Schedule Vandal

• Velocity Phantom with variants

• Hydrodip Frenzy

• Unstoppable // Sage Player Card

• Be Mine Valentine’s Day Player Card Series

• Big Brain Gun Buddy

• Nice One Spray

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