Attack on Titan Warzone Bundle Release Date Confirmed for Call of Duty

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Attack on Titan is coming to Warzone (Image: ACTIVISION)

The Mid-Season update for Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone adds more than just new weapon features.

While most fans look forward to those bug fixes that caused so many problems on older consoles.

Gamers on Xbox One and PS4 have complained about subpar performance left with invisible weapons, low frame rates, and lost firefights.

But from what was shared by developers Raven Software this week, some of those issues will be fixed on January 12 with the new Mid-Season update.

“We’d like to provide an update on #Warzone performance on console platforms.

“With the mid-season patch tomorrow, we will ship initial fixes to help fix various issues on both Xbox and PlayStation.

“These solutions are the first in a series and will not resolve all concerns at once.

“We appreciate your patience as we work to provide everyone with a fun, uninterrupted time in Caldera.”

But another big crowd puller is the launch of the new Attack on Titan Warzone Bundle which will go on sale later this month.

Gamers will have to wait a little longer for the new AoT content to be available, and it is expected to debut on January 20.

To celebrate the final season of Attack on Titan, Vanguard and Warzone Pacific players can join Survey Corps through the Tracer Pack: Attack on Titan — Levi Edition Bundle. (Available through the in-game store for 2,400 CP, equivalent to $19.99 USD / £16.79).

A message from Raven Software adds: “This 10-item retail bundle isn’t just for superfans of the franchise; it has the style and firepower to become a leader among the soldiers just like Levi Ackerman.

“One of the most notable additions to this bundle is the ‘Titan Piercer’, a weapon blueprint that models the blade that can defeat Titans. Made from ultra-hard steel, the only material that can cut through Titan flesh, this single-edged knife is more than capable of cutting through squads with ease.

Also available in the bundle is the legendary “Steel Cut” Finishing Move, as well as the Vanguard-exclusive “Vertical Maneuver” Highlight Intro and the “Ultrahard Steel” MVP Highlight.

The other two weapons in this bundle are the legendary “Historia” SMG and “Ymir Curse” Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprints, two firearms that are a great addition to your Warzone Pacific or Vanguard Multiplayer and Zombies Loadouts.

“Ymir Curse” is built for operators who pride themselves on accurate downrange shots. With a nine-attachment configuration, near-zero horizontal recoil, and near-maximum effective range and bullet velocity, this legendary weapon blueprint is phenomenal at range, especially when an operator is mounted.

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