Vanguard Zombies Update Skips Server Pause and Adds Weapons

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Vanguard Zombies Update News (Image: ACTIVISION)

Developers Treyarch has confirmed that they have many exciting plans ahead for Vanguard Zombies, including new supporting weapons and survival gameplay for Shi No Numa.

This will all go live later this week as part of a major package for Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty Warzone.

The release date has been set for 5 a.m. January 12 for many gamers, although it won’t include all the promised new features.

Sledgehammer Games has confirmed that it will not have a dedicated server pause option available to fans this week, in a new statement:

“Let’s face it… moving from Zombies to an infrastructure hosted entirely on dedicated servers for the first time in a new engine has not been a seamless experience.

“In the past, traditional Zombies lobbies ran on player-hosted servers, which were often prone to a myriad of problems depending on the player’s connection and several other factors. While the gameplay experience should now be smoother across the board for matches of all sizes on dedicated servers in Vanguard, pausing the servers for solo and single player private matches isn’t as simple as flipping a switch.

“Like you, we wanted Dedicated Server Pause for solo players to be recorded sooner, and the amount of work required to get it right has honestly taken longer than we would have liked. Thank you for your patience as we finalize its implementation in an upcoming update.”

But while the server-pause options won’t be ready in time, gamers will gain access to new weapons of support.

COD fans will be excited to discover that Killstreak weapons are being added to the Support menu on the Crafting Table.

Just like in the Cold War, once you’ve collected enough Salvage, you can build items like the Warmachine or Deathmachine on the Crafting Table.

Sledgehammer also has big plans for the new survival gameplay, telling fans this week:

Step through it to travel to the Void in “Shi No Numa”, where you progress through rounds by defeating increasingly difficult endless waves of the undead, just like in traditional Zombies from previous games.

Remove the current wave of zombies and the round will go up. Upgrade your weapon at the Pack-a-Punch machine, grind those camos and survive as long as you can. You know how it goes.

“Once you complete 3 rounds in the Void, you are faced with two choices: flee or survive. If you choose to stay and fight, you will earn 5,000 bonus Essence for every 3 rounds you survive in the Void.

“Getting 12 rounds or more earns you a unique reward that prevents your Perks from dropping below Level II when you go down for the rest of the match! If you survive long enough, you might even discover new details about where the story is headed.

“Once the portal to the Void is opened, it will never close again during your match. If you’re ready to go back to Stalingrad to upgrade your perks and alliances, you can leave after surviving 3 rounds and return at any time.”

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