The municipality of Jubail confiscates (500) kilos of spoiled fish

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The municipality of Jubail Governorate, in the eastern province, revealed the confiscation of approximately 500 kilos of spoiled fish, during its inspection tours of companies and grocery stores, as part of the municipality’s attention to public health and safety. of consumers.

The mayor of the Governorate of Jubail, Eng. Nayef bin Faisal Al-Dawish, said about the field teams of the municipality who confiscated quantities of spoiled fish and food products unfit for human consumption, during their recent intense visits to the field at fish farms and stores to ensure health requirements are enforced.

Al-Duweesh explained that the municipality of Jubail governorate has stepped up its health monitoring efforts to ensure the extent of the commitment of fish market operators, grocery stores and some corporate restaurants to enforce health requirements. , while those tours led to the confiscation of almost 500 kilos of spoiled fish as well as many unusable foodstuffs, reporting to dispose of the seized materials with the sanitary and hygienic methods followed, as well as applying the necessary measures against offenders,

Al-Duwaish stressed the need for shop owners to adhere to the implementation of the required health requirements, noting that the municipality is keen to follow all food markets and constantly monitor goods and products to ensure the validity of what is on offer.

The mayor of Jubail called on all citizens and residents of the governorate to cooperate with the municipality in reporting public health violations.

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