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Grand Theft Auto VI is scheduled for early 2024


The internet is full of absurd GTA VI reports. Today’s post is not based on any details Rockstar Games would have announced. Grand Theft Auto VI has still not been officially presented.

However, according to analysts, it will be released by early 2024 at the latest. Journalist Stephen Totilo shares this assessment in the current issue Axios Games Newsletter. Analysts come to this conclusion based on recent statements from Take-Two, which forecasts a 14% growth rate for the company in fiscal 2024.

This was announced on the sidelines of the Zynga acquisition. “There are only a handful of stocks that… can give management the confidence to make such a strong forecast; we believe at least one Rockstar IP will be released in fiscal year 2024,” said an analyst at Jefferies.

Cowen’s Doug Creutz converted the percentage to the equivalent of about $9 billion, concluding “a likely launch of GTA VI in fiscal year 2024.”

This has worked before

According to Axios Gaming, Take-Two has previously revealed the release of major blockbusters with similar predictions. In 2011, that indicated a GTA V 2012 or 2013 release. When put into perspective, the forecast suggested a shift. GTA V came out in late 2013. One thing is clear: it is time. Rockstar has made it through the entire generation of consoles with GTA V, originally released for PS3.

Following the roaring release of the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, a remaster of Grand Theft Auto V is slated for spring. It was originally supposed to come out in November.

There’s no hurry. Sales figures for GTA V as of February 2021 are quoted as an incredible 140 million. Even more unbelievably, more units were sold in 2020 than in the launch year.

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