Video clips and digital images sold for $162,000

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As Konami announced at the beginning of the month, the first NFT auctions for the Konami Memorial NFT project took place yesterday, Friday. 14 unique works of art were to be auctioned – and they became.

NFT are unique units of data stored in the form of a blockchain. This is a way to buy, own and sell unique digital content.

While similar launches like Ubisoft Quartz went quiet, Konami’s NFT auctions raised more than $162,000. The auction took place on the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. GameStop also wants to get into this marketplace.

$26,538.96 for an NFT artwork

The top selling price was an artwork based on Dracula’s Castle from the first Castlevania, which sold for $26,538.96. That is perhaps somewhat understandable, but at least it is tangible: it is a work of art, albeit a digital one.

Another NFT in the form of a 3-minute highlight video of various gameplay passages of Castlevania, sold for $17,518. The author has no imagination here: there are hundreds of these videos on YouTube.

OpenSea will keep 2.5% of the sale price and Konami will receive royalties of up to 10% for the resale of NFT. It’s a business and it seems worth it. As long as the auctions don’t affect classic video games, most people don’t care. But who knows where the journey will go?

So far, NFT topics have yielded different results, but they have only one thing in common so far: they’ve all met quite a bit of opposition from fans on social media. The developers of STALKER 2 had to backtrack and Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda shook his head to the max for his New Year’s letter. However, the stock rose…

through VGC, Artwork: Konami

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