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Sega registers trademarks and logos

Sega registers trademarks and logos • JPGAMES.DE

Sega’s relationship with NFT has been a bit of a roller coaster ride until now. Sympathy was already expressed in the summer of 2021, long before the topic became really hot among game fans.

Recently, as one of the few NFT publishers, they gained sympathy when they made the progress of NFT projects dependent on the opinion of the fans. But that doesn’t mean these projects are on hold.

Work continues behind the scenes, as evidenced by new trademark registrations and logos. Despite Haruki Satomi’s promises, an administrative foundation is still being laid. Two trademarks for Sega Classics NFT Collection and Sega NFT were registered as early as December, such as Eurogamer reported.

The Sega Classics NFT Collection trademark is reminiscent of Konami’s NFT Memorial. Under this slogan, Konami had already sold 14 unique Castlevania NFTs this week – for more than $162,000. The cow is on the ice.

Artwork: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sega, Paramount Pictures

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