Steam is 99% praised, the style is simple and the gameplay is cool, this Rogue game is really good!

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GameLook report/Assuming that there are two game works on the market that have the same content except for the ending and pass the level, one is a reunion with a successful career and a happy family, and the other is a dystopia with the death of the protagonist and ups and downs. Which work is more acclaimed?

It may be the former, of course it may be the latter. Since the two works with different styles have different audiences, it is a hooligan to talk about the conclusion without the player samples. Obviously, this is a false proposition, and in the end, it is impossible to get rid of the predicament of falling into the quagmire. So if you change your way of thinking and introduce the key assumption that the latter experience is better, what do you think is the reason why it is better?

If you like to play 3A masterpieces, are you really willing to try pixel-style “cheap” games?

Looking closely at the above picture, I think the answer is ready to come out – the reason is whether it has the ability to select the audience accurately, which is of course not limited to the performance of the product cover.

The height difference compared at the same height is the valid data. Although the hypothetical segment at the beginning is difficult to establish in real life, when we hold down the ability to select the crowd on the product side, it is not difficult to find that the two are highly praised. The same conclusion also reverses the importance of this ability to the game.

The price of 15 yuan in the country, developed and published by poncleVampire Survivors“(hereinafter referred to as “Vampire Survivor”) can be regarded as an excellent pacesetter in this direction. The pixel style full of “mosaic” and the magical tone of scarlet have a strong ability to filter audiences: yearning for high-quality, high-fidelity The serious players throw it into the trash at will, and players who love this kind of tonal pursuit of retro pixel style may regard it as a treasure.

Looking at the game comment area: the positive rate of 99% since it was launched on Steam at the end of last year, among which a series of praises such as “no regrets” and “50 yuan will be paid at the original price” are continuous. These remarks seem to confirm the correctness of the above conclusions. sex.

Vampire Survivor Official Promotional Video

Slowly open a can of Coke and drink the bubbles with the joy of brainstorming and closing the coffin. Wait, what’s this smell like? Such a cool packaging is actually a sugar-free cola?

Before I couldn’t hold back, the author suddenly realized that the above argument had a fatal problem like drinking sugar-free cola – no matter how to distinguish the audience, who would give praise if it didn’t taste good?

“Vampire Survivor” player real machine video

Do your best to “kill” the player

Before the game starts, players can choose from four characters with different abilities, and can also use the gold coins obtained in the game to strengthen their attributes.

It should be noted that the various monsters in the “Vampire Survivor” game include black bat swarms, zombie-like minions with fangs and claws, or huge and strong mantis monsters. of players have an “unsolvable revenge”.

It can be said that if you want to get out of this world alive, it can only be a dream.

However, when players entered the game, they found that they did not want to “kill” me as they thought: little bats in twos and threes knelt down under the “Little Li Flying Knife” that you fired when you raised your hand, plus the addition of W, The simple control mode with no other buttons except A, S, and D, and the super spacious moving space help you easily pick up the blue experience crystals and sparkling gold coins on the ground, and look at the growing experience bar on your head. From the moment, you are Kui Ye in the 2D pixel world.

As the game progresses, more and more annoying mobs appear. Their movement speed is extremely slow. With the fearless spirit of being brave and not afraid of death, they are always ready to die heroically in your continuous output, even if you accidentally encounter them. Their already withered limbs don’t matter, a little bit of blood is just sprinkled with water.

As you level up, your abilities have been greatly enhanced, and you have acquired many abilities that do not belong to your character, so more and more enemies fall under your gun, which also means that blue crystals on the ground can be seen everywhere, and you can even find them. Seeing the figure of the green crystal, you know that it can provide you with more experience points, so you will slaughter them more recklessly, but you failed to notice that the atmosphere in the game became more and more tense as the time went on.

This battle, it seems that they are really moving, but you have already reached level 79, and you look at the full arsenal in the upper left corner of the interface, and the corner of your mouth starts to rise inadvertently. The whole game seems to have turned into a lawn mowing war, even gems Too lazy to pick it up.

When the time came to 30 minutes, a few guys with scythes suddenly appeared and broke through the line of defense and surrounded you, who was still in a daze. Game Over is particularly dazzling.

In fact, at the beginning of the game, the player’s end point has been set, and for the initial stage when the character’s abilities are not strong enough, this is destined to be a losing battle. But even so, the indomitable players still forge ahead in the game, trying to seize the throat of fate and defeat the god of death.

It can be said that this kind of ending, which is suspected to be defeated, has in a sense aroused players’ fighting spirit to continue playing and enhanced the playability of the game.

Castlevania Snake Game under Rogue Elements

After a complete experience of the game, it is not difficult to find that this work is a variant of a typical snake-eating game – by walking to avoid enemies while picking up the blue experience gems they drop to enhance their own strength, but the wall changes Just a mobile enemy.

The picture above shows the video clip of opening the treasure box

The development team also added the Rogue experience of randomly generating enemies, upgrading and adding random skills, and random contents of treasure chests into the game, using the Rogue experience of medium difficulty and returning from death to deepen the game’s playability, and ensuring the difficulty of growth in the previous period. The fun continues.

Konami’s “Castlevania” (Caslevania, referred to as “Devil City”) has a history of 31 years and a total of 24 independent works. Except for the last three “King of Shadows” series, the rest are mostly based on The real Europe is the background, and their main line is the confrontation with the vampire Count Dracula. From this point of view, the picture style of the entire game of “Vampire Survivor” and its very magical vampire theme have a demon. The taste of the city’s doujin works.

It’s all super casual, why is it so high?

Although it is not easy for players to pass through the initial stage of character development, in fact, in terms of the experience of the entire product gameplay and its game size of less than 200 MB, it can definitely be called a game with a hyper-casual game core. Looking down on RPG games, but among those popular ultra-casual games, in addition to parkour games that are easy to succeed, games with classic games as the core variant gameplay are extremely rare.

So why is this “Vampire Survivor” with a bit of greedy snake gameplay so high?

The secret is that “Vampire Survivor” refers to the core fun point of parkour games – the achievement factor, which is probably the core motivational factor in parkour games. Players have the possibility to compare with the last experience. In the constant challenges day after day, achieving better game results than the last time may become a potential pursuit, helping players build a sense of accomplishment and laying a foundation for a sustainable experience. Game basics.

On the other hand, this work avoids the minefields such as mergers and common gluttonous snakes – reducing the strategy of using the mind on a large scale, and focusing the operation essence on conditioned reflex avoidance operations. It is reported that most of the Casual gamers prefer to understand the basic operation of the game within 10 minutes after experiencing the game, and at the same time hope to get started with all the systems set by the game content within 1 day.

The last point is also the very important point that the author mentioned at the beginning of the article-the ability to choose the crowd and the key to the right medicine. The development team of “Vampire Survivor” is well aware of this, and uses its cover to screen target users, thereby reducing resource consumption caused by non-target users.

Compared with the frequent and continuous positive feedback of the game, such as the game experience like mowing grass and the decompression feeling of picking up scattered crystals, upgrading to acquire more skills to enhance their combat power, etc., it is obvious that players who love to play this game are in the In the mild-to-moderate area, from the perspective of Chen Xinghan’s “flow curve”, the feelings they long for and the game experience brought by “Vampire Survivor” are highly overlapped.

Because the positive feedback brought by this game is frequent, low intensity will also follow, which often leads players to spend more game time than heavy games for more positive feedback, but due to the game itself The continuity of the level is weak, and the player spends more time but it is easier to break away from it. It can be said that the discrete propulsion rhythm of “Vampire Survivor” is right in the mind of mild to moderate players.

This is a small game with great wisdom, but is this wisdom big, it is not big, and it is aimed at the player’s experience down to the smallest detail; is this game small, it is not small, and the classic content from more than 30 years ago can also be taken care of.

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