Wordle Words: The Best 5 Letter Words To Start Your Game

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Already addicted to Wordle? The wonderfully simple daily online puzzle that involves guessing the correct five-letter word has got everyone talking. Many are talking about tactics when it comes to your all-important first guess – that’s why we’ve analyzed the best five-letter starting words.

In case you haven’t played it yet, Wordle is a brain teaser that requires players to work out a five-letter word in up to six guesses.

When it comes to starting a game of Wordle, everyone has their own technique.

Some people like to play the same starting word every game, while others prefer to mix it up every time they play Wordle.

So, what are the best tactical words to get your Wordle game off to the best start?

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What is your Wordle keyword? (Image: Getty/Wordle)

Wordle .'s rules

These are Wordle’s rules in a nutshell (Image: Word)

many vowels

When figuring out the five letter word, you could start with what the vowels will be, since every word needs a vowel.

While you may not get the letters in the right order, you can figure out which vowels are in the word and start guessing based on that.

Playing ADIEU first involves every vowel except O.

OUIJA will also cover four of the five vowels.

AUDIO, AULOI and URAIE can also help reveal the vowels you are looking for.

Most common letters

You could use a different tactic and try to use words that contain the most commonly used letters in the English alphabet.

Analysis of the Concise Oxford Dictionary by Lexico.com found the 10 most used letters are:

1 – E
2 – A
3 – R
4 – I
5 – O
6 – T
7 – No
8 – S
9 – L
10 – C

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Based on this analysis, strong five-letter Wordle start words can contain words made up of those ten letters.

Wordle is quite random, so there is no guarantee that the word will contain any of these letters, but statistically speaking, they are more likely to appear in the five letter word.

There are many words to choose from, including one of the words from the list below, arranged alphabetically.

Words that start with A

Acnes, acoin, acorn, acres, actor, aeons, aires, aisle, alert, alien, alone, change, anise, antes, antic, arise, originated, arson, aster, astir, atonement.

Words that start with C

cairn, calor, caner, canes, cano, canto, cants, cares, carol, carts, caste, cater, cents, cites, clans, clean, clear, cleat, clone, close, clots, coal, coast, coats, coils, coins, colas, foals, cones, coral, corns, crane, crate, comb, shrieks, crone.

Words that start with E

Digs, earns, executes, enrolls.

Words that start with I

Intel, icons, ictal, incas, inert, inlet, stake, inter, intra, intro, iotas, furious, irons, islet.

Words that start with L

latin, lacer, laces, dens, lance, lanes, laser, later, leans, leans, leather, least, liars, lining, lines, ribbons, lions, liter/liter (Wordle uses American English), loans, loins, loner, loris, loser.

Words that start with N

Nails, nostrils, nates, nears, nicer, noise, noser, notal, notes, notre.

Words that start with O

Ocean, octal, oiler, onset, orals, orate.

Words that start with R

Races, rails, rains, raise, rants, rates, ratio, react, reins, relic, kidney, hire, resin, rematch, shivers, coils, riots, risen, rites, roast, roils, rolls, grids.

Words that start with S

holy, salic, lounge, satin, scale, scanty, scare, scent, scone, score, disdain, since, siren, killed, oblique, slate, slab, snail, snare, snarl, snore, sniff, solar, sonar, sonic , stain, staircase, musty, stare, steal, stein, stern, style, stoic, stolen, stone, shop.

Words that start with T

Tacos, tails, stories, claw, tears, tenor, rows, tiler, tiles, tires, toil, tonal, toner, tones, tonic, track, rail, train, trial, attempts, triangle.

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