Fortnite Titled Towers is coming back – New start time for major map update

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Fortnite’s Tilted Towers is coming back (Image: EPIC GAMES)

Fortnite Chapter 3 is set to launch a massive update this week that is expected to change the map in a major way.

While fans have already seen seismic changes in critical areas of the game with the release of Chapter 3, this week’s patch may feature a popular addition.

Based on the latest teasers from Epic Games, Tilted Towers is coming back to Fortnite on January 18.

This has not been officially confirmed, but the melting snow seems to indicate a new cityscape.

Couple that with the latest post from Epic Games and it looks like Tilted Towers will be back in the game this week.

This is expected to happen on Tuesday, January 18, after the final downtime and maintenance.

According to the schedule shared by Epic Games, Fortnite’s downtime starts around 9am GMT and can last for several hours.

Most maintenance periods are less than that, but it’s hard to say exactly when the new Fortnite update will be available to download and play.

Based on previous launches, Tilted Towers is expected to return before 1pm GMT on January 18.

However, Epic Games is expected to share more news later this week when the new patch is released.

The latest post from Epic Games added: “Where do we droppin? The v19.10 update is scheduled for release on January 18. Downtime starts at 04:00 AM ET with matchmaking shutting down 30 minutes early.

Fortnite Chapter 3 has already seen several major updates to the map, including the launch of new weather effects.


“If you see a tornado forming, that is not a signal to flee. Instead, run into it as a whirlwind escape strategy.

“You spin around and around until you choose to get to safety — or if you keep spinning long enough — until the twister spits you out. Don’t worry, you won’t take any fall damage if you get thrown.

“If you see a dark cloud forming, that is not necessarily a signal to flee. Sure, lightning deals a small amount of damage (and sets the environment on fire), but the power of its shock gives players a temporary speed boost.

“How do you increase your chances of being struck by lightning? Jump into a body of water below the cloud, or reach the highest point of land below! Lightning doesn’t strike twice in a row – once you’re hit, lightning won’t strike you again right away.”

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