Nintendo Direct February 2022: New leak hints at what to expect from the next Direct

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Nintendo Direct February 2022 Leak – When is the Next Nintendo Direct? (Image: NINTENDO)

A Nintendo Direct for February 2022 could be in the works. As marked in a message On Reddit, noted leaker NateTheHate has revealed a ton of information about what might be planned for the Switch in 2022. The notable leaker outlined this unannounced information in a YouTube video which made a number of references to a possible February 2022 Nintendo Direct.

While there’s no guarantee the next Direct could take place next month (it could be pushed back to later this year), Switch fans have taken note of some of the announcements in store.

One of the most talked-about unannounced titles for 2022 could be the long-rumored HD remaster of the Metroid Prime Trilogy for Nintendo Switch.

It is rumored that this compilation could be released in the second half of this year to mark the 20th anniversary of the original GameCube’s first Metroid Prime game.

Elsewhere, a new Fire Emblem game could also be launched this year that is being made by the same team behind the popular 2019 RPG Fire Emblem Three Houses.

NateTheHate also said Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope could launch in the second half of this year – or pushed back to 2023 – while the SEGA light gun classic House of the Dead revival could be released in March.

Another game that could launch in 2022 or 2023 is the rumored new Xenoblade Chronicles game, which has reportedly been delayed internally due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But if you like your JRPGs, you might have a few other releases to look forward to in 2022 on the Switch.

It’s rumored that the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters — which so far are only available on PCs, Android and iOS phones and tablets — could also hit Switch this year.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters are reimaginings of the first six Mainline Final Fantasy games, including the revered classic Final Fantasy VI, which many consider to be the best in the series.

Elsewhere, NateTheHate also claimed that Persona 4 Golden could be heading to Nintendo Switch in 2022 as part of the ongoing Persona 25th Anniversary celebrations.

Though the leaker also claimed that Persona 6 could be announced as part of the anniversary festivities, and that the new main game Persona could be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

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