A huge number of engines went into the sea to make games!This Doomsday Survival Mobile Game Airborne No. 1 on the iOS Free List

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GameLook reports / The first game released by Huge Engine is here.

On January 18, the first game “The Doomsday” released by Liyou Interactive Entertainment, a subsidiary of Juda Engine, was officially launched on iOS and Android platforms, and also landed in major domestic Android app stores and mainstream channels.

With the powerful publicity and distribution capabilities of a huge number of engines, coupled with the differentiated theme of the game, “Doomsday” quickly stood out from the market, ranking first on the iOS free list on the first day, and ranked 32nd on the best-selling list as of today.

It is reported that Liyou Interactive Entertainment is a brand-new game publishing brand of ByteDance. It is independent of Chaoxi Guangnian. Its business mainly focuses on the agency and intermodal transportation of game products. Through the powerful traffic resources of the huge engine, it can explore more Moderate to severe possibility.

In fact, before “The Doomsday”, Liyou Interactive Entertainment also obtained the agent of Kunlun Wanwei’s two-dimensional forest light adventure world MMORPG “Tower of the Holy Land” in mainland China. In addition, according to the TapTap page, Liyou Interactive Entertainment also reserves a tower defense game “Light and Glory”.

So, as the leading product of Liyou Interactive Entertainment, what kind of game is “Doomsday”? Why can this result be achieved?

From “selling water” to “going to the sea”, the first game of Liyou Interactive Entertainment was officially released

Before learning about “Doomsday”, you have to mention the publisher Liyou Interactive Entertainment and the huge engine behind it. As one of the well-known “water sellers” in the game circle, the name of the huge engine can be said to be loud.

According to the “2021 Annual Mobile Game Purchases White Paper” released by DataEye not long ago, at the channel level, Byte-based Pangolin Alliance, Douyin, Toutiao, etc. will take off in 2021, becoming the main position for mobile game purchases .

As an “old cannon” in the marketing world, in today’s fast-developing and unpredictable game market, Huge Engine can continue to provide high-quality marketing solutions for game companies, optimize game companies’ buying methods, and lead the way in buying volume trend.

Although it has always appeared in the market as a water seller, in fact, due to the cooperation of many game companies, Huge Engine has actually accumulated sufficient experience in the time, mode, marketing methods and means of advertising. etc. have a deep understanding.

From this point of view, it is not difficult to understand that a huge number of engines end up starting game distribution and intermodal transportation.

Aiming at scarce themes, in-depth strategy + lightweight gameplay is compatible with market demand

As the saying goes, you need to be hard on yourself. Whether it is data or marketing model, it is only a “magnifying glass”, and it cannot play the role of changing fate. Breaking through the market will eventually return to the product.

Going back to the product “The Doomsday”, it can be found that the game has chosen a more differentiated doomsday survival theme in terms of theme. At the same time, the art style of the game is also very different. It does not follow a realistic style, nor does it follow the “black and deep disability” route, but adopts a unique Q version of the beauty style, which makes the whole game highly recognizable. .

In the TapTap introduction column, game producer A Jun said that this is actually a relaxed and fun doomsday survival mobile game.

In recent years, the theme of doomsday survival has become popular in the entertainment field. For example, a number of popular film and television works such as “The Walking Dead” and “Train to Busan” have been born in Waihai, and in the mobile game market, there is no lack of success through differences in themes. Products that break through the market, such as “State of Survival”, “Puzzles & Survival” and “After Tomorrow”.

However, from the perspective of vertical sub-categories, this batch of successful doomsday-themed games is relatively concentrated in gameplay, mainly in the SLG and survival FPS categories, and other categories actually still have a lot of room to play.

It is precisely because of this that “Doomsday” takes a different approach and chooses the strategy card gameplay that is relatively rare in this theme. At the core gameplay level, “Doomsday” incorporates a set of card placement framework. A large number of characters with different functions and characteristics are designed in the game. Players need to arrange and match the lineup reasonably according to the existing characters.

It can be seen that “Doomsday” not only takes the popular route in terms of art style, but also chooses a lightweight, fragmented and easy-to-use gameplay such as placing cards at the gameplay level, which is not only compatible with the operating habits of mobile games, but also caters to At present, the needs of most players to “reduce the burden” and entertainment and leisure have broadened the audience and user circle of the game.

But even so, “Doomsday” did not reduce the strategy level because of this, but went a step further. In addition to the core placement cards, the game actually incorporated a large number of other distinctive gameplay modes.

For example, as the plot progresses, in the home defense mode, the gameplay will become tower defense again, and players need to arrange characters to reach the invasion of zombies, while in desperate exploration and other modes, the gameplay will become puzzle solving.

On the one hand, these different gameplay modes actually conform to the overall apocalyptic setting of the game, and the diverse designs further create the apocalyptic atmosphere in which the game is located.

On the other hand, different forms and diverse gameplays can also meet the diverse needs of players, which not only brings players a fresh and rich gaming experience, but also different gameplay modes added to the game, such as tower defense and puzzle solving. It has also been carefully designed to further deepen the strategic nature of the game.

High exposure + high welfare, successfully broke through the siege on the first day

Although the first product released by Liyou Interactive Entertainment, “Doomsday” shows maturity everywhere at the marketing level, which also proves the excellent distribution ability of the huge engine.

The first thing to do is to invite star Chen He as the spokesperson of the game. Based on the influence of the star, the game will be introduced into different circles and gain more users. I have to say that the first game of Liyou Interactive Entertainment is so generous, which is enough to show its confidence.

At the same time, as a game publishing brand under the giant engine, Liyou Interactive Entertainment is naturally full of firepower in many platforms of its own byte series. The output of various UGC content, including game guides, commentaries, etc., further enhances the perception of the game among players.

And in the pre-launch stage, “Doomsday” still shot a high-quality live-action short film. Under the professional costumes, props and scenery, the feeling of the apocalypse zombie movie is ready to come out. At the same time, the film also pays tribute to many classic zombie movies and TV shows. The works further stimulate the experience desire of vertical user groups.

On the first day of the official launch of the game, the official quickly invited many Internet celebrities to promote and promote the game.

Up to now, videos related to the #DoomsdayStrike topic on Douyin have exceeded 160 million times, and videos related to #DoomsdayStrike mobile games have also had millions of views. In addition to stars and KOLs to help out, there are already a large number of anchors on the first day. The Douyin platform was launched, and the popularity of the game continued to escalate.

In order to reach a larger and more diverse user base, in fact, in addition to today’s headlines and Douyin of the local byte series, “Doomsday” has also been promoted in other mainstream social platforms and communities. For example, advertisements have been placed on Weibo, and players’ perceptions have been strengthened in a broad and comprehensive way, so as to tap more potential users.

Of course, in addition to the comprehensive promotion of the game through the widely advertised “external” method, on the other hand, “Doomsday” has also made a lot of designs in the game to empower the community ecology, the most prominent of which is the launch of the game. At the beginning, various welfare promotions prepared for players, as well as various welfare gift package redemption codes, quickly promoted the social fission of the game among the player groups.

In addition, the game’s unique apocalyptic theme, Q-version beauty and diverse gameplay, the combination of freshness, curiosity and diverse gameplay forms a strong visual sensory stimulation, which also gives players enough The second creative space, on the first day of its launch, a number of funny and amusing live videos have appeared on platforms such as Douyin.

In general, although it is a “new face”, Liyou Interactive Entertainment still handed in a good answer sheet. It is worth mentioning that in addition to “Doomsday”, Liyou Interactive Entertainment’s “second bomb” is also about to appear on stage. According to the announcement released by Kunlun Wanwei, the game “Tower of the Holy Land” is expected to be released this year. Q1 will be released in mainland China, and the results are worth looking forward to.

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