A Story in Ice and Time takes you on a bitter cold journey through time in February

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ARTE has teamed up with The Pixel Hunt and Iko . the release date closed Inua: a story in ice and time made concrete. Yes, exactly the ARTE that you also know as a television channel. As a digital network, ARTE has already distributed a number of video games, including Bury Me, My Love. An instant messaging adventure about escaping the Syrian conflict.

Inua: A Story in Ice and Time is a story-driven puzzle game originally announced only for PC and Mac, but will also be available on February 10 for mobile and Nintendo Switch.

The plot is dedicated to Taina and Simon, who live in the same place. However, decades apart. The game is inspired by the In out. Players control different characters by influencing their thoughts. The characters are separated by space and time.

The ideas of the players, passing them on to the characters, will change the course of the story. Of course, past and future also play a role. Changes in the past affect the future.

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