The regional launch event of the long-awaited new HUAWEI P50 series in the Middle East and Africa is just around the corner

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Huawei Consumer Business Group is preparing to officially unveil the new and exciting HUAWEI P50 smartphone series in the Middle East and Africa region in just a few days. The long-awaited new series of phones will be unveiled in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on January 26. The new series promises audiences a whole new level of capability, sleek designs and a smooth, intuitive user experience that aids the consumer in daily activities.

Since its inception, each generation of the HUAWEI P series has been a perfect combination of technology, attractive design and intelligent imaging capabilities. The P Series has always maintained its commitment to quality, elegance and photographic quality, with each product representing the most innovative level of mobile photography of its time, earning a true position in photography among its smartphone peers.

The essence of the P series phones lies in the art, the beauty of the image and the beauty of the exterior design. The pursuit of these features led to the emergence of a number of flagship P-series phones. The P9 series ushered in the era of dual camera phones, before the P20 series spearheaded the development of camera technology with the integration of the first intelligence application Master AI and Super Night Mode. The P30 series then redefined the rules of smartphone photography with the introduction of ultra-sensitive sensors and lenses with optical periscope zoom. Recently, the HUAWEI P40 series phones set a new standard for all ultra-high resolution scenarios and images with its stunning 10x more powerful optical zoom and with it HUAWEI celebrated the beginning of the computational photography era. The P Series has always embodied the beauty of life and the pursuit of more advanced mobile imaging technologies. With the debut of the HUAWEI P50 Pro, a new chapter begins in the era of HUAWEI ImageTM imaging.

The HUAWEI P50 Pro inherits the characteristics of the P series in the field of photographic art, with a True-Chroma Dual-Matrix camera design that perfectly combines form and function to explore the essence of photography. On the other hand, the iconic Dual Array Camera design and True-Chroma technology create totally professional shooting experiences and results, with geometric proportions that help reveal the beauty of simplicity and order. And the addition of the EMUI 12 app gives the HUAWEI P50 Pro even higher levels of intelligence.

The HUAWEI P series has always been the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and photography. HUAWEI P9 led the trend of dual camera smartphones, while the HUAWEI P20 series added the vocabulary of professional equipment to the consumer electronics industry. HUAWEI P50 Pro takes camera design to its original roots and introduces an all-new dual-camera array design.

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